VR Glasses are the Future of Consumerism

There’s a reason why some companies are throwing in these VR Glasses for free–it’s for you to not be intimidated in getting your hands on it and to actually try it. I mean, sooner or later, brands are going to be exploring these VR headsets as part of their marketing.

While Samsung is selling their VR case for Php5,000.00+ and I know Google has a cardboard that functions something like this at USD15.00, for a VR headset that’s in full plastic, I think this VR Case is pretty much worth it at Php1,000.00.

This VR Case is obviously made in China. It fits perfectly on your head and has a full rubber padding for your face so it actually sits comfortably on your face. It fits mobile phones as big as iPhone 6+. But what I like about this VR glasses is that you can still wear it even if you are wearing prescriptive lenses. Since I don’t really wear contact lens at home, and I’d probably be using this VR headset at home, that little feature is actually important for me.

So anyway, we’ve talked about it in Social Media Marketing class–to think of Digital Trends and how we can use it. I remember writing down VR Headsets first and foremost. I wrote there that VR Headsets can give brands virtual stores that lets their consumers experience the products, for example see the shades and textures of the makeup in a MAC store right at comforts of their own homes. Or brands can create virtual meets between their celebrity endorsers and fans through VR environment.

Have you tried these VR glasses? How was your experience?

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