Pick of the Month: Etude House Pink Wish Tree Moistfull Collagen Cream

I’m really loving Etude House’s Pink Wish Tree Collection and this one stood out the most. Aside from donating Php 4.18 (100 KRW) to Save the Children/School Me Campaign in every purchase, this Moistfull Collagen Cream is nothing but goodness from your heart and to your skin.

Okay, to be honest, I was actually hesitant to use this since I never had a great experience using facial creams on my face. I tend to stay away from facial creams since the thick creamy texture normally breaks my skin out like crazy. And looking at the label–which says Collagen Cream–I assumed that this is some heavy moisturizing facial product that spells nightmare to any skin exposed in the tropical weather.

Glad I was so wrong.

The Pink Wish Tree Moistfull Collagen Cream Jumbo offers good moisture in jumbo size! It contains 30% fine collagen and hyaluronic acid which promotes high moisture and fits the skin perfectly. After cleansing, apply on your face outward and gently tap for absorption

The Pink Wish Moistfull Collagen Cream is surprisingly light on the skin. I started using this at night before going to bed and it never turned my skin oilier when I wake up in the morning (which is a good sign!) so I started using this during the day as my makeup base.

I love that though this is a “collagen cream,” the product is easily absorbed by the skin making it wearable during the day. It doesn’t make your skin oily either. I love how it makes my skin baby soft and smooth as it acts like a normal daytime moisturizer that effectively acts as a good base as well. I wish it came in a more festive scent, though.

Etude House Pink Wish Tree Moistfull Collagen Cream is available for only Php1,198.00. For more information, visit Etude House Philippines’ official website at http://www.etudehouse.ph You may also check out other Etude House’s products by following them on Facebook, and Twitter.

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6 responses to “Pick of the Month: Etude House Pink Wish Tree Moistfull Collagen Cream”

  1. Cath Uri Avatar

    Same! My skin behaves like crazy when I use face creams. This is the reason why I only use my sunflower beauty oil as my moisturizer for the past couple of years. Not the most practical choice for someone who lives in a tropical country but I find that it soothes and nourishes my skin.

    Nevertheless, I’m still on the hunt for a good face cream to incorporate to my skincare routine and finally ditch my sunflower oil (which I love, but am getting bored with) 🙂

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I’m super fond naman of using facial creams as my face is naturally dry especially right after taking a bath. I’ve tried a lot and most of them are suitable for me naman. If a cream makes my face oilier after some time, I use them at night. I would probably try this in the normal size. I don’t think I can empty the jumbo size. Haha

  3. marianaprils Avatar

    This is really good for day and night cream/moisturizer kapag nasa pinas. I already used this pero in different packaging nasa jar siya na orange 🙂

  4. doseofrain Avatar

    i tried using laneige water bank essence before sleep but when i wake up in the morning kitang kita pa rin ang dryness sa tzone ko.. but after using nivea (ung nasa tin can na blue as moisturizer.. i was really amazed) and to be honest i wonder how that “collagen” works great on our dull skin.. many of the brands uses this on their product

  5. Stacie Avatar

    I like gel creams better! 😀 I think this Pink Wish Tree packaging is better than the normal one which is in tub and you have to dip your fingers again and again. XD

  6. Mezzz Avatar

    Hi…. this is my first time to use etude house product especially thisk pink wish tree,im hoping it will work on my skin

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