Product Review: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

If you think making your lashes visible is hard. It’s 10x harder for the lower lash to be visible, especially coming from a person who has short and sparse upper lash to begin with. I think my ancestors didn’t get the memo nung nagpasabog si Lord ng pilikmata. So yeah, I have dealt with having short and sparse lashes since birth and I have perpetually blamed it to my genes. >,<

In the name of finding the right mascara for girls like me (because I know following my 3-step mascara formula is not really practical for everyone..), I have recently tried out different mascara formulas and I will share with you what worked and what didn’t.

Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Mascara creates long, flawless lashes. Featuring a built-in flexible brush wiper that conforms to the shape of the mascara wand, Define-A-Lash delivers the optimal amount of mascara and separates every lash from root to tip with no clumps. The rich formula deposits great colour that lasts all day without flaking, smudging or smearing.

Although this mascara is supposed to be lengthening, I didn’t see impressive results in that area. However, since Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash Mascara has a patented shaped-to-the-lash brush, it made this perfect for my unbelievably short lower lashes. I swear, it worked perfectly for me in just one stroke.

I love that this mascara is ophthalmologist-tested and contact lens safe. Sometimes I do get worried when I’m putting too much eye makeup as I know some of the products might get in my eye and it’s inevitable to have the debris get in my contact lenses.

The only downside I can think of is that it’s not smudge-proof. After an hour of wear, I can see it smearing under my eye, making me look like a Chinese-eyed panda. Not cute. Believe me.

But again, I love how the brush is perfect for my lower lashes and how it easily coated the short strands in one quick sweep. With that, I think this is still for keeps. <3

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2 responses to “Product Review: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    the only mascara that works great on my lower lashes is the Avon Magnify and Benefit They’re Real Mascara.. i just hate that avon discontinued them and benefit they’re real mascara is way too expensive for my budget =(

    i have tried EOH Mascara too! and i think the mascara that gives great volume to my lashes is the one from Cargo =)

    i love mascaras ms jirbie i swear!

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Maybe you can use the wand in your favorite mascara! If it will fit inside the tube (I hope). 🙂 The wand looks so slim! I love it!

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