The truth behind the lines in front of Tim Ho Wan Megamall

Best known as the cheapest One Michelin star in the world, Tim Ho Wan has gained a lot of followers since its first branch in Hong Kong. No wonder Tim Ho Wan has become the most anticipated restaurant chain to open in Manila this year. But is falling in line for the buns really worth it?

Since I was anticipating the long queuing lines at Tim Ho Wan, I went to Megamall at exactly 10am to reserve seats for my family’s birthday lunch gathering. Sadly, they have a weird policy of not letting you in unless everybody is physically present at the restaurant so I was made to come back again at 12nn.

I went back to Tim Ho Wan promptly at 12nn to fall back in line. Luckily it was a weekday lunch and the people aren’t that much. It took me about 30 minutes to be in front of the queuing line outside Tim Ho Wan.

As soon as my family got in, we ordered away. Everything on the menu is priced around Php120.00-Php200.00. An order of its famous baked pork buns is at Php145.00 (3pcs). Other things notable are its Prawn Dumplings (Php160.00 – 4pcs), Vermicelli Rolls (Php150.00 – 3 rolls), and Pan Fried Carrot Cake (Php145.00 – 3 pcs).

Seeing Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumplings (Php140.00 – 3pcs) on the menu piqued my interest. It was unique, yes, but it would have been tastier if they amped up the wasabi and made it spicier.

Another thing that’s unique in the menu is their Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake (Php70.00 – 3pcs). I believe this Asian dessert is an acquired taste. It’s basically a squared herbal tea jelly with goji berries that is perfect to aid digestion, especially if you have downed a lot of fatty food.

Tim Ho Wan’s Mango Pomelo Sago (Php80.00/cup) also adds a good twist in your usual mango sago. Instead of being sweet, it had a zesty swing because of the pomelo. While this can be refreshing, I prefer the classic version.

Lining up for hours just to have these usual Cantonese dimsum is not worth it. I guess people are just after the famous buns. I hope Tim Ho Wan would have a take out counter outside, much like those in Hong Kong.

How about you, would you fall in line to taste these famous buns?

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5 responses to “The truth behind the lines in front of Tim Ho Wan Megamall”

  1. Kaks Avatar

    How do you compare this with the one in Hong Kong?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I think the HK buns are crunchier. 😉

  2. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    I remembered wee nam kee in this resto. I find the menus really unique and it seems that all of their dishes are yummy and tasty. 🙂 Though Im not eating wasabi, i think the cakes and buns worth the try. It is affordable too but Im quite thinking if I will fall in line for 30 mins just to taste their dishes. hehe. Its too long for me. As you’ve said, I hope they can have take out counter so they can accommodate faster service. 🙂

  3. Eyz Abanilla Avatar

    The buns looks so yummy, not bad for the price of 145.00. 🙂

  4. Pau Avatar

    I visited the place already and I liked the foods especially their best seller baked pork buns. Yet their menu is not highly recommended for heavy meals. It is like a casual restaurant. I think the long line is because of their small space. If it is a larger area, I believe they can easily accommodate the people. I just saw their banner at Mall of Asia, I think they are opening their second branch there soon. 🙂

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