Trying out Flawless Beauty Drip: The Ultimate IV Anti-Oxidant

This summer, your favorite skincare center is introducing a new service that promises not just to improve your looks, but boost your overall health as well—the Flawless Beauty Drip: The Ultimate Antioxidant.

Flawless is a well-loved brand that is known for introducing pioneering beauty solutions that continuously raise industry standards in the region. This year, Flawless introduces Beauty Drip, an all-in-one intravenous super antioxidant mix in the country.

Each 200 cc bottle contains high doses of anti-free radical vitamins, including vitamin C, B complex and Glutathione. These nutrients are known for helping the body recover from all sorts of damages by boosting the health of cells.

The treatment lasts for about 45 minutes and promises to deliver dramatic results when done regularly. Effects include a lighter and more radiant skin, stronger immune system, better circulation and sleep, and improved mental functions.

According to Flawless CEO Rubby Sy, the treatment was designed in such a way that clients can get the most out of their specially-formulated beauty blend. “By injecting the mix directly into the bloodstream, we are able to deliver nutrients into cells immediately, thus triggering the body’s healing process significantly compared to if the vitamin was taken orally.”

“Not many people know this but taking vitamins orally can render up to 85 percent of the pill useless. In other words, when you ingest a 500mg vitamin c capsule, only about 75mg or 15 percent of the active nutrients may eventually find their way into your bloodstream. With the intravenous system, clients get much higher concentrations of nutrients delivered directly to their body’s cells, thus resulting to better absorption and utilization,” she adds.

Each session costs Php7,000.00, and Beauty Drip guarantees you not to lose any efficacy of the antioxidants since it goes directly to your bloodstream. Some people may not notice any difference in just one session. It is advisable to have your Beauty Drip weekly or every two weeks. I will be posting another blog after my second session and let’s see how it goes. 😉

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