Varicose veins? Here’s the low-down on sclerotherapy

Are there visible web-like lines on your legs? There may be red, purple, or you may even find some bigger green ones. These enlarged green or blue web-like elevated veins are called varicose veins. The smaller red or purple ones are called spider veins.

A lot of girls suffer from varicose veins. Crossing your legs and wearing sky-high heels all contribute to having varicose veins. But some girls are lucky to have good genes and strong veins that even if they wear 5-inch pumps everyday to work, they get to have legs that are smooth and flawless.

Unfortunately for me, it comes in my genes. My greatgrand mother had vein stripping in the 70’s to treat her varicose veins. It’s a surgical procedure to pull out and remove or tie off a large vein in the leg through the incision made near your groin and near the calves or ankles–It’s morbid, I know. My mom had some 75-grand procedure in St. Luke’s done last year to treat her varicose veins. While I, being paranoid about varicose veins since I can remember, I did all the things to try to prevent varicose veins: raising my leg for an hour when I get home, don’t wear much heels, refrain from crossing my legs, even taking Vitamin B-complex supplements to strengthen my veins and promote blood flow.

But since it’s hereditary that I have weak veins, I was really mortified when I developed a ruptured vein on my right hind leg a couple of years back. It was red and spidery-web like–definitely not pleasing to the eye. It didn’t help either that my legs are really really fair, so the red spider vein was always on highlight.

I think it was in 2008 or 2009 that I went to Skin Station Greenhills (then Godiva Greenhills), to have sclerotherapy done. It was a 30-45 minute procedure wherein the dermatologist would inject a sclerosing agent (saline solution) to kill off the veins, turn it into a scar tissue, thus making it not visible anymore.

Being not afraid of needles, I think mine was done in 15-20 minutes. Each session (10ml of saline solution) would cost Php1,500.00. And in two-three weeks, my ruptured vein was completely gone! It really was a relief for me to have sclerotherapy around.

You see, varicose veins are irreversible. Once it appears, you just have to deal with it. I’ve also tried doing laser treatment on my legs in 2011 for my spider veins… but I find sclerotherapy more effective.

Recently, I took my mom to have her sclerotherapy done at Skin Station. We were attended by the same doctor, Dra. Escobar.

It took my mom 45 minutes to have it done, being a person naturally afraid of pins and needles. I was watching the procedure the entire time and it’s amazing how you can instantly see those red spider veins diminish in a couple of seconds injecting the saline (salt) solution.

According to Dra. Escobar, there are two sclerosing agents used. One is for the smaller red and purple capillaries (spider veins), and there’s a different one for the bigger green or blue veins. The spider veins are easier to treat. Since they are just “leaks” from the normal blood flow.

Treating varicose veins is not just about vanity. In worse cases, like the elderly, having varicose veins may feel uncomfortable. People suffering from an extreme case of varicose veins may experience painful cramps and foot or leg swelling making it difficult to walk. Thus treating the bigger green or blue veins needs more assessment and an expertise of a surgeon. In such cases, the surgeon would need to check your veins through ultrasound to see if closing off the big vein wouldn’t effect your blood flow or other bodily fucntions.

But, hey, don’t freak out. If you see visible veins on your legs, dont worry. Not all of them are varicose veins. For the bigger green veins, here’s a test: Try to close your eyes and touch your legs. If you feel elevated web-like lines, then those are varicose veins. Else, if they are just visible, but remain flat on your skin, that’s fine.

If you are suffering from varicose veins, I suggest for you to go to a reputable clinic like Skin Station and have it checked. I’m sure the dermatologist can give you proper treatments. My mom’s sclerotherapy took 2 sessions being Php1,800.00 each (reg price of Php2,000.00).

If you want to get to know more about Skin Station, you can check out their Facebook.

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36 responses to “Varicose veins? Here’s the low-down on sclerotherapy”

  1. Yanny Avatar

    Hi would like to know what branch of skin station did u go? And did you had bruise after sclerotherapy? Have you heard of dr.montemayor? Would like to knoe ur feedback thank you 🙂

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello Yanny, I always go to Greenhills branch, wherein Dra. Escobar is the resident doctor. She was the one who did my a couple of years back and she did my mom’s a couple of months back. Yes, bruisings are normal but it will subside. 😉

      1. Yanny Avatar

        Thanks for the reply 🙂 i juat called skinstation and plans to have a consultation for my varicose but im still confused coz i also went to dr. Montemayor ask for consultation he is a vascular surgeon in medical city but i have no idea and havnt reviews from him. Coz i have a health card and dr montemayor was accredited and i can avail the treatment for free.. Im just afraid if the result will be ok coz as per the secretary she said that mostly treated patient developed stains from the sclerotherapy.. Thats why im a bit confused now … Pls help me 🙂

        1. CouchWasabi Avatar

          Hi Yanny, as far as I know, there are certain cases of varicose veins that are not advisable for sclerotherapy–e.g. when the varicose vein is too severe or when a big vein is involved, you would have to go to a phlebotomist to have it treated. So I think it’s best if you can have your free consultation first, just so you know your options, and see which is better for you.

          My mom underwent surgery in St. Lukes 1-2 years ago because of her severe varicose vein problem. But since varicose vein is caused by weak vein walls and valves, it’s something that may come up again esp as we age. So even after her surgery, she still had to have 2 sessions of sclerotherapy from Skin Station.

    2. MAJORIE A. LOYOLA Avatar

      Yes mam, where is her clinic?

  2. ethelyn d. golero Avatar
    ethelyn d. golero

    Hello po miss couchwasabi, nagustuhan ko po ung about varicose viens prib abd solution nyo po at ako din po ay maraming ganyan, name it and i have all the colors you need, gudto ko po sna ding ipspatanggal since heriditary din ang cause at of corz po ung pinagdaanan ko sa buhay when i was young. Gusto ko po sanang masubukan yan kso po bka po isang malaking buti na gmot ang maubos hehehehe(joke lang po). Nasubukan ko na yan dati at sa mendez at promo nila is 3000 for the 2 injection. Request ko po baka mas mura po sa skin station. Willing po akong maging before and after chart nyo po st kung may branch po kayo dto sa makati. Wish ko po nagyon paskong ito na sana matangal na po ito. Maraming salamat po at more blessings to come po sa iyo and your family. Tnx po

  3. Ger Avatar

    This is nice. But I’m also afraid of needles.

  4. Iris Avatar

    Hi CoachWasabi, thank you for your post. I’m also bothered with my spider veins, they are actually spreading out in clusters though I’m quite hesitant to do something about it since my client mentioned that she has a friend who’s in comatose after having sclero. Have you heard anything about this from your doctor? They said that our veins are sll connected straight to our brain system? Thank you so much and i hope you’ll find generous time to reply.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi Iris! Thank you for reaching out. While it’s true that all our veins are connected, it is also important to take note that sclerotherapy is not for everyone. What’s great about Skin Station, in my opinion, is that they are keen to let you know if your case is appropriate for sclero or if you should be attended by a surgeon. They’re just not in for the money. If your varicose vein is more on the extreme side, they would advise you to forego sclero and have it attended by a proper nerve surgeon. You may drop by anytime as they welcome free consultation with their inhouse dermatologist. 🙂

  5. akirose Avatar

    Hi po good pm…bat mura po jan sa skin station greenhills branch..e nagpaenject po aq ng sclero bakit po per ml is 2000.00….iba iba po ba presyo ng skin station outlets???please reply po. Thnx…balik po aq next month for the second session…

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi! Yup, I think I got mine on a promo. They have promos from time to time. You can check their FB.

  6. Mishika Avatar

    Hello couchwasabi, thanks i found your post about sclerotherpay. Im quite hestitant to undergo such treatment kasi nabasa ko sa testi ng iba na dumami yung spider veins nila. Anyway wala naman akong spider veins but i do have agreen medium visible ones. Yung mga sisters ko wala naman lalo na sa mom ko na 79 yrs old. Nagtataka lang ako bakit ako nilabasan. Pag nka raised yung paa ko nag li lighten yung ichura ng veins. Andami ko ng na try, apple cider veniger, beUtiful legs ng healthy options na may content for proper blood circulation, bumili din ako anti stax sa mercury pero walang improvement at all.nag lalagay din ako ng massage oil sa gabi but still anjan pa rin sya.. Grrr. Help me. Na coconcious tuloy ako mag shorts.

  7. michille alarcon Avatar
    michille alarcon

    hi!. ask q LNG po kung may malapit kayong skin station branch dito sa antipolo kc po balak q magpa inject ng varicouse vien q. .tnx po!

  8. May Avatar

    Hello! Hhmm, just want to know if several sessions are required to undergo the treatment? Is it possibld to have them all out in one session only? Pls enlighten me on this. Thanks much!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello I believe it’s best for you to drop by and have your free consultation. The dermatologist will recommend which veins are suited for sclero and up to how many sessions needed.

  9. Arlyn Digma Avatar
    Arlyn Digma

    Hi, interested ako sa sclero, kz before i try it but only one session, nawala naman un veins, but unfortunately para sa iba part na ininjection meron ndi nawala,, sa tagaytay branch ba ng skin station my sclero din? Sana makakuha ako free session or discounts,, nakaka baba kz ng self confidence pag madami veins at hindi ka makapag short ee.. Thanks

  10. Diana Acosta Avatar
    Diana Acosta

    Hi i have a problem in my my just like this spiderweb or varicose vains but unfortunately its not pn my legs but in my face and i want to remove it hope u can help it same procedure when its on my face?thanks..

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      You may want to check it with a dermatologist. AFAIK for the face they use laser versus injection.

  11. Nes Avatar

    Hi, i found this on my wall in FB. I wonder if this is real. You may check their website.
    I’ve seen other reviews online about this product and they seem promising. Has anyone heard or tried this product yet? I’m thinking about trying it. Your comments/advice are very much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Baguio23 Avatar

      In 2010 I had vein stripping, I was aged 29 back then. My varicose veins was not a severe case. But since I would have the free treatment using my health card, I consulted a vascular surgeon, and advised me to undergo the operation. I was then asked to take Daflon and use compression stockings religiously so the vein won’t go back. I was not able to use it often since I was allergic to elastics, which compression stockings normally have. For not wearing the stockings religiously , I grew the more veins back.The operation also left me with several quarter inch scars all over my leg. After 5 years, I tried sclerotherapy, that was last year (even had 4 sessions already). At first the unsightly veins disappeared, it was amazing to see as the solution gets into the veins you’ll instantly notice it vanish. After the injection, you will have bruises from the needles but some will disappear, though until today, light colored bruises are still visible. Then again, I was advised to use the uncomfortable compression stockings, so veins won’t grow back. I even bought several stocking of different styles and shades, so I can wear them everyday. Same problem persisted as I am allergic to elastics. Now, my problem is I have more veins and they’re green , not to mention the spider veins that added up to my nightmare. I am now thinking twice if I should go on another sclero session or try this Varicofix which I have been so interested in purchasing but do not have any information on where to get one here in the Philippines. I have read good reviews and hope this works. Do you know where to buy and how much this one costs? Thank you so much!

      1. CouchWasabi Avatar

        Hello! Sorry I havent heard of Varicofix.

  12. John Michael tecson Avatar

    Hi po ako po si john michael tecson 21 years old nandto po ako sa malaysia ngayon

    Naiinis po ako kasi may mga varicose vein po ako
    At sa mga pangaasar din po sakin balite drive
    Kasi po may mga ugat po hahaha

    Gusto ko po sanang malaman kung san po ako tutung clinic nyo pag uwe ko po nang sana po
    Matulungan nyo
    Maraming salamat po

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello! There are a lot of Skin Station branches that you can visit. 🙂 pls check their facebook or official website:)

  13. raia Avatar

    Good day. Do they have A branch in pangasinan, tarlac or pampanga areas? Your reply is much appreciated. Than you.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi i think they do have provincial branches. Please check their website of facebook fanpage

  14. Kathleen cudal Avatar
    Kathleen cudal

    Goodmorning…i have a visible veins under my eye…bluish in color…. it seems like a black eye that’s why i’m being bothered..i just want to ask if it can be treated by sclerotherapy?

  15. cecille Avatar

    Do you hve a branch in paranque or pasay or makati?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I think skin station has branches in those cities

  16. Xena Avatar

    Hello ask q lng.hindi na ba bumalik ung varicose veins or spider veins after treatment?and ilang session ung sclero sau?pwede din ba hindi sa kanila bumili ng compression stocking?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      no, hindi ka sya babalik kase technically deads na the vein. so it may come up in another area but definitely not doon sa treated vein.

  17. christina Avatar

    Hi, Good am.. So ito na siguro makakasagot sa tanung ko, gusto ko sana na matanggal na itong varicose ko.. Mayron po ba kayo promo sa SM mega mall this febraury? and ask ko lang if ilang session po kaya? Saang floor po store nyo sa mega mall? Thank you

  18. Sallie Avatar

    How much ang sclero sa inyo and do u accept credit cards?

  19. Cynthia Avatar

    Hi, can you help me to find where i can buy compression stockings in the Philippines that is graded like 20-30mg? A sivagris or jobts brand as an ex. I badly need it. Please help.cynthia

  20. liza Avatar

    hello po. any updates on varicose veins procedure done in skin station? does it not come back? thanks

  21. Cassandra Gallejo Avatar
    Cassandra Gallejo

    Hello. I have green veins in my legs pero pag hinawakan di naman mafifeel ganon. Pag nagpasclerotherapy ba pwede magsuot ng slacks or pants kahit may compression stockings? Thanks.

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