2014 Dog & Cat Expo at SMX

I’m sure you guys have missed my munchkins Pepper, Yoona, Twinkle and Star. Today, I had a chance to bring all of them out and took them to Pet Express’ Dog & Cat Expo in SMX.

Hundreds of pet owners and breeders were at the event with their furbabies. Of course you could expect a lot of dog and cat supplies to be on sale. Here are some of the interesting stuff I spotted during the event:

A lot of them were on sale so I took the chance to buy my munchkins a sack of Orijen Cat & Kitten food and some new toys.

My beau and I let them played with the other cats in the event. We met this cute big cat over at Meow Mix’s Cafe…

…but Twinkle wasn’t too happy with the big cat.

Yoona wasn’t feeling friendly either…

Meanwhile, we won some Meow Mix soft food for Pepper.

We transferred to Purina’s Pet Cafe and my munchkins sure had a blast eating Fancy Feast goodies.

But Yoona and Pepper were too shy to have a taste.

Star: “Kuya Pepper, have a lick, it’s really good!”

But all of them enjoyed resting inside those cute little domed pet beds available at Purina Pet Cafe.

I was just happy to be able to bring them all together in the event. It’s their first time to go out together, all four!

We were able to bring home sample packs of different cat food brands. So far they are liking Orijen’s.

How about you? Do you have pets? Cats? Please share with me your kitty’s diet. I’d love to know!

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3 responses to “2014 Dog & Cat Expo at SMX”

  1. kim Avatar

    Wow such a great event! too bad It’s too far from home 🙁 My tita’s cat feeds on Whiskas all the time and so far it made him very big and healthy, he was an adopted cat too 🙂

  2. Moch Gamotia Avatar

    Hi! Thanks for the blog post! August is Cat Month at Pet Express 🙂 We’ll keep you posted 🙂

  3. fuwafuwa teym (@NUM1kim) Avatar

    This is such as an amazing event! I wish there’s something like this here in Davao. I’d love to bring all of our cats too. All of those pet stuff are amazing~ *o*

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