2014 Star Magic Ball Best and Worst Dressed

I wasn’t supposed to put up my best and worst dressed list anymore when I saw a fellow blogger made a comment having the exact same thoughts as I was thinking on a dress I feel so strongly about. But since a lot of you guys are asking for it, here goes!

Again, in no particular order:

Liz Soberano has one of the prettiest faces in the industry today. Good thing she has the knack for style to match that face.

Have you seen the shoes that Kim had to wear for this? The effort that a girl puts just to look good beside her man–this definitely earned her one of the bests on my list.
It’s as if Megan was really born to be a queen. Props to the choice of dress.
Heart is one of those rare beauties who can pull off something sexy yet look so proper.
Julia’s one of the few young actresses who looks so effortlessly polished all the time. No wonder she bagged the night’s Best Dressed.
I think Maja’s overall look is perfect for the event. The sleek hair and classic red tips matched her white dress perfectly.
I love that Kathryn’s mid-length bob adds a youthful touch to this flirty and playful dress.
I really liked how they looked when I first saw their photo in this year’s Star Magic Ball. I just got turned off with this couple when I heard about what transpired after the event. So, anyway…
With a good head on her shoulders, I don’t quite understand why she thought of slipping this dress on…
Okay, there’s something seriously awkward with Sam’s suit.
Julia? Morticia? Julia? Morticia.
Kim’s dress looks so bland. I just think this dress is too hard to pull off and she obviously missed something to do just that.
As much as I love Georginia Wilson–and maybe think that she is a demi-god–her Balmain suit gives me an impression that she haven’t had time to think about what to wear.
Bea seems to need more color here. She looks too ghastly–plus, the dress and wig isn’t helping at all!

Okay you just heard my 2-cents worth. ‘Til next time, dolls! 🙂

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