Add more juice to your phone with Momax iPower Juice 4400mAh

I love Momax battery packs. Aside from giving me reliable power wherever I go, they always come in quirky designs and in various fun colors. Let me show you Momax iPower Juice, the latest addition to the Momax external battery pack family to be in the Philippines.

iPower Juice External Battery Pack — Feel The Fruity Energy

Fresh Juice & Sunny Energy
iPower Juice External Battery Pack looks exactly like juice drinks with multiple flavors, which is cute and full of fun. It fills you up with fresh fruity energy anytime. Feel the healthy power with sunshine and breezes now.

The fun design of Momax iPower Juice is inspired by tetra packed fruit juices (obviously). Unlike my Momax iPower Go, Momax iPower Juice is just perfect if you are carrying a small purse or if you want to keep it in your pocket. This space-saving powerbank is all you need to give you 2 full charging cycles on your phone.

Momax power chargers are equipped with a smart chip to prevent your gadget from overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuit. What’s great about Momax iPower Juice is that it automatically turns into power-saving mode when your gadget has already been fully charged.

Momax iPower Juice has a 1.5V power output. This is compatible with most mobile phones, phablet, and your favorite tablet.

Momax iPower Juice has 4 LED indicators so you never go out without power. Each light is equivalent to 25% of power. If your Momax iPower Juice is down to its final LED light and it’s blinking, it only means the battery pack has 10% of power left and you’d have to have it recharged immediately. It took me about 5 hours to fully recharge my Momax iPower Juice.

Momax iPower Juice, which carries 4400mAh power, is available in bright citrus-y yellow, orange, and green. The package comes with its standard 20cm micro USB to USB cable.

Thanks to Digits Trading, you can get your own Momax iPower Juice at any Banana Telecom, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Electro Computer Data System, Globotel, iGig, iStudio, Microstation, Powerhub, Viewers Telecom, 8Telcom outlet.


9 responses to “Add more juice to your phone with Momax iPower Juice 4400mAh”

  1. The Runner In P!nk Avatar

    Hi! Do you have any idea how much is that? I’m looking for a powerbank that is reliablle and not too expensive. I’m afraid to buy cheap ones that are unbranded or just being sold by the stalls. We are not sure if it has been properly inspected and safe to use. So I might as well pay for a branded one.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I agree with you! I buy only trusted brands of powerbank. I think these are around Php1,800-Php2,000.

  2. nanaynimattmatt Avatar

    It’s sooo cute! And it’s affordable huh. My husband is looking for a powerbank kasi that’s easy to carry around. He’s quite frustrated with his phone lately. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  3. christine Avatar

    Hello po, gusto ko sana malaman if automatic po ba sya mag turn off pag hindi ginagamit? Thanks! 🙂

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi! Yes, with some mobile phones, they automatically turn off when the phone is fully charged or the powerbank is not in use.

  4. rollingprogress Avatar

    “give you 2 full charging cycles on your phone.”
    – BS. I got mine, a new one, and thought this too.
    My Nexus 4 having a 2100mah battery, i thought this iPower Juice 4400mah could charge it at least twice. WRONG.
    It charges one and a half times.
    Thought mine was a defect, so took it to the store, but no it’s fine.
    20% of the iPower Juice does not get used when charging (as it says in the manual). That means, 4400 * 0.8 is the actual charging capacity,
    i.e. 3520maH is the actual charging capacity of this iPower Juiceeeeee. Cheers.

  5. chris Avatar

    Hello nagbliblink po ba talaga ung led lights na momax while charging?

      1. chris Avatar

        tnx po haha kala ko kase steady lang ung led lights while charging ng device 🙂

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