Anne Curtis’ classic words: “I can buy you, your friends, and this club!”

Tell me.

Does this look like someone who can say those words? LOL–You don’t even have to answer that! Apparently, word’s out that Anne Curtis can be maldita like the rest of us. Enough of the pretentious “People Asia’s National Sweetheart” image already.

I woke up this morning reading over Anne’s apologetic series of tweets. It didn’t make sense to me at first, of course. But words travel fast and in a couple of minutes, I get to know the scene that happened over the weekend at Prive. Soon enough, the entire Philippines has been having Anne Curtis’ mention of juice cleanse diet being somewhat responsible for what happened as the butt of all jokes.

Do you honestly think it would even matter if it was Ellen Adarna, Andi Eigenmann, or Marian Rivera who did what Anne pulled in Prive? The only reason why people are feasting over it is because it was Anne who did it. Period. It’s like the pa-tweetums, cry-baby, and fragile little shih-tzu suddenly turned into a raging rottweiler.

If I were in her shoes, I would have owned up to that. If JLC and Jake Cuenca were really being an ass pulling that prank–enough for me to be ballistic, why not? That ought to give them a clear message not to mess with me.

But what Anne did: (1) slapping the first three people she saw; (2) screaming “I can buy you, your friends, and this club!” like a total bitch-diva–which, by the way, is a qualified entry to my burnbook; and (3) being head-on with another known bitch-diva Phoemela Baranda is a total winning entry! I just didn’t like that she had to make palusot about the juice cleansing thing.

I’m just glad I am not a celebrity. I can lash out and send my bitch-fitting up in the fanciest colors whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, goodnight, dolls! Drink moderately! And juice cleanse with caution. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!


6 responses to “Anne Curtis’ classic words: “I can buy you, your friends, and this club!””

  1. Sheryl Legaspi Latag Avatar

    kya nga sila artista, galing nila umarte! they always get what they want….ATTENTION! money and fame changes everything

  2. Pat Avatar

    Really, we are all human, and we have our limits. Anne really should have just apologized for losing her cool, and it wouldn’t be too much of a big issue.

  3. Wendy Rose Santillan Avatar

    i still love anne curtis. professional pa din sa work despite of the issues 🙂 go girl!

  4. Joy Merced Avatar

    Shouldnt really even be an issue. Everybody throws a fit once in a while. Much more worse than what she did.

  5. purpz Avatar

    we do have our biatchness moment once in our life!

  6. Cy Valencia Avatar

    OOps!! Wrong move Anne. Everybody has the right to make a mistake but she’s a celeb. She should be responsible enough on her actions. Papparazzi’s are everywhere dear.

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