Back to Blogging in 2021

Hello my Wasabis!

Oh my, it’s been YEARS since I last posted a proper blog. I’ve been so caught up in video creation the past couple of years that I kind of migrated to YouTube already…. Buuuuuut this year, I thought of lying low on the platform and revert in blogging. I wanted to rekindle my love for words.

I miss you guys here. I miss the the quietness of this. I miss gathering my thoughts and embracing my state of Yin.

And so I thought of revamping my entire blog, with the help of my techy angel Ezekiel–who was my student when I had my Aromatherapy workshop in CSB… aromatherapy does bring people together!

So, in this space, I will be sharing with your my lifestyle as an aromatherapist. Probably a lot of practical know-how’s like how I manage my oils, storage tips, cleaning tips, and what not. Of course, I will still talk about my favorite beauty, health, and wellness finds.

I am excited to meet you again on this platform. I am excited to meet new girls in this arena and perhaps reconnect with the old ones. 🙂



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