Bartending for a Night ?

When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to experience how to mix drinks in front of people. The idea didn’t make sense for me to pursue (or even study) as much as with my other interests as I don’t see it as something that would really go anywhere–for one–I’m allergic to alcoholic drinks. ?

So when a friend of Mr. C is celebrating his birthday, and I was set to be a “bartender for the night,” I really got excited and prepared for my stint. I quickly Googled up some recipes to serve and decided that I should go with Martinis. ?

What you’ll need:

  • A 200ml shaker
  • A 1 and 2 oz jigger
  • A bottle of pitted green olives
  • A can of lychee
  • Your choice of gin or vodka
  • Dry vermouth
  • And your martini glass!

I went with this cocktail as it’s very versatile as appeals to both men and women. Plus, it only needs 2 main ingredients: gin or vodka and vermouth. The rest of the things you want to put in is according to your preference. I went to plan on serving the classic martini, lychee martini, and dirty martini.

When I studied how to make these three martinis, I eventually realized I can make more than 3 kinds of martini with the same set of ingredients–I can make a reverse martini, a 50/50 martini, and even filthy martini–depending on how I play on the ratio of the main ingredients that I use.

First things first. KEEP EVERYTHING CHILLED. Put all your alcohol, vermouth, stemware, and tools in the freezer!

There are many kinds of martini recipe available online, but here are the ones that I used for the night:

  • Classic Martini – 2 oz. vodka + 0.5 oz. extra dry vermouth + olive
  • Reverse Martini – 0.5 oz. vodka + 2 oz. extra dry vermouth + olive (is when you switch the ratio of vodka and vermouth)
  • 50/50 Martini – 2 oz. vodka + 2 oz. extra dry vermouth + olive (is when the ratio of vodka and vermouth is 50/50)
  • Lychee Martini – 2 oz. vodka + 0.5 oz. extra dry vermouth + 0.5 oz. lychee syrup + 2 pcs. lychee
  • Dirty Martini – 2 oz. vodka + 0.5 oz. extra dry vermouth + 0.5 oz. olive brine + 2 pcs. olive
  • Filthy Martini – 2 oz. vodka + 0.5 oz. extra dry vermouth + 1 oz. olive brine + 2 pcs. olive (is when the ratio of the olive brine is 2x from dirty martini recipe)

Pretty simple, right?

My lychee martini was a hit–I got to serve 2 orders of the reverse lychee martini and 1 regular lychee martini. Then I was also able to serve dirty martini, a classic martini, and a filthy martini. What a night!???

One secret to serve the best tasting martini is to keep EVERYTHING cool…down to the martini glass. Thanks to this Mori Notes Urban Insulated Bag, I was able to make sure all my ingredients and tools are kept chilled really well.

Would you like to try my martini? ???

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