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If you haven’t been hearing much from me lately–whether through my blog and vlogs, it’s because I’m on a creator’s block. Just like writer’s block, creator’s block happens when you can’t find new ideas. One way for me to break this is to take myself out of my usual routine and try to search inspiration and ideas from these out-of-my-ordinary activities.

I recently stumbled upon while I was looking for online games to help me de-stress.

I honestly did a little squeal of excitement when I saw Neon Invaders. It’s basically my childhood Space Invaders, albeit a bit modern. This new rendition has bricks to somehow protect your spaceship as you hide behind it while blasting over the space aliens on other side. I think this game would appeal even to my 6yo nephew.

I don’t know what’s considered a good score, but I’m pretty proud of mine.? I’m not really good at games so having a 6-digit score is good enough for me! Ha! has a wide selection of games that suits all ages. What I love about is that they have an easy catalogue of games so looking for one that suits your mood or even the level of intensity would be a breeze.

While checking out the other games at, I saw this Pacman-type game called Pac Rat and it’s one of my absolute favorites! So, instead of Pacman munching on cookies, you get to play as a rat while munching on pieces of cheese along the way. OF COURSE you’d need to steer clear of the cats! But when you get to eat the wheel of cheese, you get to run after the roaming cats and treat them like cheese. How fun, isn’t it?

I played Pac Rat a couple of times but I guess I need to practice in the next coming days. ? has well over 1,000 different free and fun online games which can quickly be played from your computer browser. I love that the games are categorized in different themes as well so if you’re looking for a character game like Barbie, or Tom and Jerry, it’s easier to access by clicking the said character. Or if you’re looking for a holiday-themed game like Halloween?, Valentine’s?, or Christmas?, they’d have that in the categories as well.

Be sure to check out from time to time as they update their selection quite often. So whenever you’re stuck in a creator’s block like me, you know there’s to the rescue. ?

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