Celebrate #WomenWhoWork


Women are more empowered to do the things they want to do and find their own personal balance. Gone were the days when women are stereotyped to be left at home to take care of the kids. The modern woman wakes up in the morning and works hard to create and build the lives they want to live.

I admire the women in my family as they have shown me this value early on. My mom, who is one of the hardest working woman I know, is a respected professional in her field and is–and forever will be–the best cook in the world. She juggles many hats everyday and yet comes home to us with loving arms. I remember when I was young how she’d take time to tutor us (my sibs and I) even if she comes home dead tired from her work.

I realized early on in my life that I am not an effective homemaker. For one, I do not know how to cook. Two, I’m not as organized at home, and three, I don’t know how to do household chores. But I love working. I love being in the corporate world and working my way up there. There is nothing more sexy that being the woman who can pay her own bills, spend for herself, and let her enjoy the life she has worked hard for.

I think it’s time to acknowledge these women in our lives who work hard to create a more comfortable lives for us and our loved ones. With this, I admire my mom for being the superwoman I know her to be. And this has hardwired me to work hard and work smart in every aspect of my life. So yes, it’s true, it’s just not about the 9-to-5. It’s about living a full life.

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2 responses to “Celebrate #WomenWhoWork”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    i agree with you ms jirbie, i admire my mother too.. when i was a little kid (and so are my other two sibs — while father was working far from home — he worked as OFW even before i was born) she works as garment inspectress — with shifting sked (2-10, 6-2 and 10-6 -> that is how they called it before) and still being a hands on mom to her three kids (im the eldest)

    i could still remember when her shift is 6-2 (meaning 6am to 2pm) she will wake me up to be incharge to my other two sibs, she already cooked our baon and prepared our uniforms, and i will wake my sibs too and have them eat their breakfast, prepared their bath and put rice and viand to our lunch boxes

    and during weekend, my mom will do all the household chores (laundries and ironing) we were just there to assist her doing the dishes, preparing table for meals and cleaning the house.

    im proud that she raised us with good manners and well-mature, and now we were the one who take care of her (she’s still under medication and i really pray to the Lord to let our mom spend more years with us.. we really love her so)

    and now that im a mother too.. worked 5daya a week at the office and full time mom after office and weekends.. i will raise my child the way our mother did.. im really proud of her.. and if ever God will let us chose who will be my mother on my next life, i will still have chosen her..

  2. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    I super salute my mom as well. She had been taking care of us 4 siblings plus my dad for years and it seems like she’s not getting tired doing it. But we know she is. Magkakasunod pa naman kaming magkakapatid kaya, it’s super hard talaga. I’m really really proud of my mom. 🙂

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