Comparing Natural Lip Balms

I think it’s safe to say that the most basic formulation that an Aromatherapist could do is to make balms. It’s one of the first things that any essential oil enthusiast would dare try after graduating from making essential oil blends–why? It’s pretty easy to make one, it’s relatively inexpensive, and the ingredients are so accessible anywhere in the world.

Despite knowing how to make my own lip balms or balms for that matter, I still like trying the ones made by different brands and companies. I like comparing them against each other, as part of my research as a botanical beauty formulator.

So today I have three lip balms from what you may consider a natural cosmetics brand: Burt’s Bees, Pili Beauty, and Young Living (L-R). I’ve been using all three for a while now (yup, I’m the type who owns AND USES multiple lip balms in a period of time). My lips are perpetually dry and I’d have multiple balms scattered all over our room.

This gives me the chance to switch across brands and compare them against each other, given the same lip condition. With this, I can have a more relative comparison of each brand vis a vis each other.

Among the three, I’ve got to say Young Living’s Lavender lip balm is my favorite, based on its creaminess and texture as it seems to have a higher butter content. But I love Pili Beauty’s Elemi-Mint flavor the most, in terms of scent. Compared to Young Living, Burt’s Bees and Pili Ani’s feel a little more wax-y. Personally, I don’t like Lavender as a balm flavor. Perhaps Grapefruit would be more fun for this purpose, but I think that time Grapefruit wasn’t available when I ordered this through the website.

Anyhow, all three performs well as an emollient and works amazingly as a lip balm but I find myself reaching more to my Pili Ani Elemi with Mint and Young Living’s Lavender Balm the most.

Have you tried any of these brands? Let me know through the comments.


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