Dining at Ogetsu Hime, SM Aura Premier

I was recently told that in Japan, dining at a Teppanyaki restaurant is a luxury. So when Ogetsu Hime, which literally means ‘Goodness of Food,’ invited me to dine at their 2014 award winning restaurant, I could never say no for an answer.

Ogetsu Hime is a restaurant brought by the Villavicencio’s (known for their famous Saisaki and Dad’s chain of restaurants). Ogetsu Hime boasts a specialized menu of sushi, sashimi, robatayaki, tempura, teppanyaki, and sukiyaki; made in prime-grade ingredients sourced either locally or flown-in straight from Japan.

This season, Ogetsu Hime introduces the Best of Japan. The special menu highlights dishes that consist of Matsusaka beef (known for its high flavor, juiciness, tenderness and marbling), otoro (premium bluefin tuna belly), hamachi (Japanese yellowtail), and amaebi (Hokkaido sweet shrimp), as well as anago (saltwater eel), hotategai (Hokkaido Japanese scallops), and engawa (Japanese halibut) – all of which are available at half price.

Let’s start off with the sushi, sashimi and tempura.

Hotategai (Japanese Yellowtail)
Hamachi (Premium Bluefin Tuna Belly)
Otoro (premium Bluefin Tuna Belly), Engawa (Japanese Halibut), Anago (Saltwater Eel), and Amaebi (Hokkaido Sweet Shrimps)
Uni Tempura (Sea Urchin Wrapped in Nori)
Ebi Shiitake Tempura (Shiitake Mushroom with Seasoned Black Tiger Prawns)

One of my favorites was their Gindara Teriyaki, which is cod steak cooked in sweet Teriyaki sauce.

Gindara Teriyaki (Broiled Japanese Silver Cod)

Ogetsu Hime’s Chajan Moriawase (Mixed Fried Rice) is something extraordinary. At first glace, you may think it’s just one of those Asian fried rice, but it’s actually a perfect blend of buttered garlic rice with eggs and veggies.

No doubt that the world famous Matsusaka beef of Japan was the star of the night. We savored the tender texture and complex flavor of Matsusaka beef as teppanyaki and as sukiyaki–with enoki mushrooms, vegetables and yam noodles in savory-sweet soup.

Matsusaka Teppanyaki matched well will the bean sprout siding

The very essence of being in a Teppanyaki restaurant is to have your food cooked right in front of you. Here we’re having our Matsusaka Sukiyaki done right in front of our nose.

The server carefully cooks each ingredient step by step and serves each customer on the table with their bowl of sukiyaki.

Matsusaka Sukiyaki

Ogetsu Hime is perfect for dining couples, friends, or families who would love to have a memorable Teppanyaki dining experience. Soon, yakiniku items will be added to the menu, joining its sushi, teppanyaki and sukiyaki staples. No gimmicks, just good food and great service.

Best of Japan Special Half Price Menu is available from Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner, until November 16, 2014 only. With its prime location at the Sky Park of SM Aura, Ogetsu Hime gives customers a better dining option at the mall with a range of quality offerings at accessible prices.

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Ogetsu Hime
5/F Sky Park, SM Aura, BGC
(02)519-9840 or (0917)809-6585

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