Do weighted blankets work?

I love the monsoon season. Actually, I love cooler months in general. Since we’re on our nth lockdown here in Manila, and that the temperature is getting lower, I thought of getting Mr. Couchwasabi a weighted blanket to help improve his sleep.

Luckily, I’m the type who never really had any problems with sleep. I can sleep anytime, anywhere, so long as I wanted to–I can sleep while standing up or sitting down, I have slept while riding a bus–you get the idea.

But it’s a totally different case for Mr. Couchwasabi. He’s had insomnia for as long as he could remember. I’d often catch my zzz’s at around 9 or 10ish and he’d still be up even up to 2am or 3. So when I saw this random ad about weighted blankets that popped on my social media (yes, Facebook is listening!), I thought of checking HMR for a more cost-efficient alternative.

So, yes, we do have a lot of choices at HMR, and for a fraction of the price sold on Lazada or some random branded Shopify website. What you can buy from these Shopify sites at Php8,000-P9,000, you can buy from HMR at around P799-P1,999 (depending on where you are)!

I ended up getting this brand because I wanted to stay away from fabrics that can be a fur-magnet (so, bye fleece, bye cotton, etc.). Eventually, I picked this 15-lb 60x80in white weighted blanket made from bamboo cloth. I wanted a fabric that is still appropriate even during summer so I figured this is the best kind of weighted blanket that would fit our lifestyle. Plus, this was the only weighted blanket that still looked new and pristine. The rest that were on display have already been repacked in some cling wrap sheet, while others would have their original packaging but are already battered.

Another reason why I went with this 15-lb weighted blanket over a 25-lb one is that, with the lighter weighted blanket, we can still have it washed and cleaned using our own washing machine at home. Having a heavier weighted blanket might let us need to send it to the professional cleaners for maintenance, which can ultimately add to the cost.

So, does it work? Well, I’m glad to say, IT DOES! According to Mr. Couchwasabi, he’s been having better sleep since we’ve had the weighed blanket. I don’t really use it as much because I’m pretty happy with my regular blankey. He was wishing that I should’ve went with the 25-lb, though. That’s why he folds the blanket in half to double the weight. Note that even if the label said our blanket was supposed to be 15-lb, we tried checking the actual weight and it only clocked in at 12lbs.

They say that you have to choose a weighted blanket that weighs about 5-10% of your actual body weight. Anything beyond that may do more harm than good. I see other customer reviews that they bought a 25-lb weighted blanket and it didn’t help them at all. When I was at the store, I couldn’t even carry the 25-lb weighted blanket up to the cashier…so I can just imagine how uncomfortable that is if I tried to use it as my own blanket. Anyway, just be careful in choosing your weighted blanket. I say, choose a lighter one if you’re not sure about it.

Have you tried these weighted blankets? Let me know your experience through the comments!

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