Durian Festival & Other Davao Adventures

Last October, I was invited to go to Davao for a hotel staycation experience (which I will talk about in my next post). It was my third time to be in the city but my first time with my boyfriend. I was really looking forward to this trip since I love Durian and where else can you buy the cheapest Durian in the country but in Davao. <3

I was so lucky that the Durian was happening in SM Lanang during our visit. Here are the other cheap fruits you can get during Sept-Oct season.

I love trying out the public transport when I’m out of Manila.

We checked in at Go Hotels for the first 2 nights since the hotel is new, cheap, and is close to the Samal beach pick-up/drop-off point. One major turn-off is that they don’t allow early check-in.

They’re pretty much strict with the 2:00pm check-in time and would charge you a Php50.00/luggage storage fee should you wish to leave your luggage with them while you roam around the city since you can’t check in yet. 🙁 Anyway, here’s our cute little room.

A quick view of the bathroom–not bad at all.

The next day, we went to Paradise Beach in Samal Island. We took a 10-minute ferry ride to the island for only Php15.00/person (in cash) and entrance fee to the resort is Php200.00/person. The resort accepts all major credit cards so that’s a plus!

We took a dip as soon as we got to Paradise Beach Resort.

The locals were also kind to let me feed the fish. Haha!

What I love about Paradise Beach Resort is you can eat fresh seafood by the shore as you marvel at this wonderful view.

We spent about Php1,332.15 for our food, which I think is not bad at all.

You have to pay another Php15.00/head for the ferry ride back to Davao City. The last ferry leaves Samal Island at 5pm.

My boyfriend and I decided to explore Davao’s night life and ended up at Stre3ts Urban × Lifestyle × Pub where I tasted my very first mug of butter beer.

Stre3ts Urban x Lifestyle x Pub serves the first double-chill draft beer in Mindanao so it’s quite a popular place for foreigners.

Anyway, have you ever been to Davao City? Is there any hang-out place that you can recommend for me to check out in my next visit? Leave it through the comments section below–I’d love to know what you think! Ciao! <3

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    Durians (King of fruits) + Mangoesteen (Queen) = a royal rumble!

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