Enjoy Great Days with Great Lakes

Perk up your day even during the gloomiest weather with Oishi’s Great Lakes— a line of natural fruit juices with pure and wholesome goodness, made from the finest fruits and vegetables.

Starting with its original flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Mix and Tropical Fruit Mix, comes the two newest refreshing flavors from Great Lakes: Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape.

Everything about Great Lakes is all-natural— that means no artificial coloring or flavors, and no sweetener. Great Lakes juices have a clean, refreshing taste that is not too sweet, nor too bitter as is expected in natural fruit juice.

Great Lakes offers wholesome refreshment that can be enjoyed by everyone in our family. It’s two yummy new flavors, Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape, are now a staple in our home–nothing beats a refreshing glass of all-natural fruit juice that tastes great to turn around a long day!

Great Lakes is available nationwide in major supermarkets and convenience stores, for Php20.00 for handy 250ml packs, and Php70.00 for the resealable 1L variants. Share with us what made your day great and use the hashtags #OishiGreatLakes and #WholesomeRefreshment <3


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