First time in Cartimar

If you are a pet-lover, I am sure you have heard of Cartimar. The place is known to be a pet-lover’s shopping mecca. In there you can find all the pet supplies you’ll ever need, at half of the mall prices.

If you happen to be into exotic animals, Cartimar is a popular place to go. I was able to meet a baby phyton and actually held it when I went there. I was also able to see turtles, parrots, and other exotic birds.I went crazy shopping for Pepper and Yoona.

I was able to buy a medium sized pet crate for only Php430.00 (mall price is Php800.00). I was also able to buy nail clippers, food bowls, pet vitamins, cat sand, e-collar, and cat clothes. More or less I spent less than Php2,000.00 for everything.

If you have a habit of letting your cats try different catfood, like me, Cartimar is very convenient as you can buy different brands of catfood per kilo.

pet clothes Php150.00 each

Swing by Cartimar if you have time. But make sure to dress modestly and be careful of your belongings–it’s still Recto, afterall.

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  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    bonbon loves princess (cat food) which costs 90-95php per kilo and it last 3 to 5 days for him =( miss ko ulit si bonbon =(

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