Flawless Beauty Drip Take 2

I was excited to have my second Beauty Drip session from Flawless. It picqued my interest to have another session when I read in this month’s Elle magazine about a current rave in Hollywood that is so-called “IV Therapy.”

The article made me realize that Flawless is actually abreast with the latest technology in beauty & wellness. Beauty Drip also offers the same benefits as with what IV Therapy is providing to these Hollywood A-listers and supermodels.

During my second session, the doctor that day explained to me each vial that was mixed in the IV. I had 2 Glutathione vials, one Vitamin C and one Vitamin B-Complex.

My procedure came by a breeze. The doctor also decided to give it to me via fast drip–meaning my session took faster than the normal 45-minute time frame. The only concern in having fast drip is that some people may experience dizziness as the body might adjust to the procedure. But since it was my second session, my body is not really new to it.


Each session costs for only Php7,000.00. The Beauty Drip ensures your body to efficiently absorb the antioxidants mixed in the IV fluid through getting it directly to your bloodstream. To see dramatic results, it is adviced to have your Beauty Drip done weekly, or as recommended by the facilitating Flawless doctor.

With Beauty Drip, I noticed I had a better sleep that night. With continued session, Beauty Drip promises to give a lighter and more radiant skin, stronger immune system, better circulation, and improved mental functions.

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  1. bheb Avatar

    hi i just want to know kung visible nba ung whitening effect after mo mka 2 session ng beauty drip… ?

  2. Mai Casanguan Avatar

    Medyo pricey siya for me =)

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