Get Ready for #LaBoracay with #ManilaJavita 10-day Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I have enrolled in an unlimited one week yoga class with Yoga+, to which I will be talking about next week. At the same time, I have started taking on #ManilaJavita’s 10-Day challenge as I work on my fitness goals this #LaBoracay weekend.

This is not a sponsored post. And I have told myself not to endorse slimming products that is not tried and tested by someone I personally know. So with this #ManilaJavita 10-day challenge, I actually bought one box of Javita’s Lean and Green matcha to try and take on the challenge.

Here’s my mom, at 100 lbs with her 5’2″ frame after giving birth to 5 children (that’s my youngest sister in the photo). My mom has always had a small frame, even after giving birth to 5 kids. But in 2011, my mom had to undergo thyroid surgery which made her body balloon up to 126 lbs.

My mom can work her angles to look slim in photos but you can compare her arms in this before and after shot. Fact is, you know how much a girl would struggle when you’re used to being a size 2 and now you’d have to pick clothes from size 4. My mom has tried so many weight loss methods. But with her love for food, she finds it hard to resist “temptations” so no diet was really sustainable for her.

Just last March 2015, a doctor friend introduced my mom to #ManilaJavita. At first, she was skeptical of the product as she has tried so many slimming teas that eventually never worked. At Php2,400.00 per box, it was an affordable way to gain back her ideal weight so she gave it a try.

In just 3 weeks (please refer to the April 2015 photo above), she has lost 12lbs now that she’s closer to her weight loss goal at 114lbs. Here’s a fun thing, see her photo in 2005? That’s the same top she’s wearing in her April 2015 photo, a piece of clothing she was not able to wear for almost 10 years!

#ManilaJavita is the only slimming tea that worked for my mom. Javita offers 4 slimming products that come in green tea, coffee and even hot chocolate. Javita products are safe since it’s made from all natural ingredients. It’s all-organic, gluten free and kosher certified–it’s even safe for breastfeeding women who are trying to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight!

Now I got myself one box to help me prep for my summer beach vacation in 2 weeks time. I am excited to share with you my results after 10 days but I would love you to get into the slimming journey with me.

Lucky for you, #ManilaJavita is having their summer promo this April with their 10-day challenge program at Php1,000.00 for 10pcs. One box is Php2,200 for 24 pieces (reg price is Php2,400).

To get to know more about Javita and its health benefits, follow @Manila.Javita on Instagram or email them at manila(dot)javita(at)outlook(dot)com. You may send an SMS at 09276305819 or viber 09322099122 for inquiries.

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3 responses to “Get Ready for #LaBoracay with #ManilaJavita 10-day Challenge”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    wow.. this was really honest review ms jirbie, i will recommend this to my friend who is having hard time to conceive baby because she was really overweight..

  2. Vin Domier Avatar

    I’ve recently discovered something very interesting. By boiling one liter of water and five tablespoons of parsley…in a week, well you’ll see a very big difference. I’m trying it out now and I’ll be updating you if it really works. Happy Friday po (^….^)

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      How does it taste though?

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