Haru Sushi Bar Round 2

I was having a  nasty craving for Japanese food  lately and nothing comes to mind but dining at Haru Sushi Bar in Pasig.

I started with my favorite Tobiko Maki, which normally comes in 2 pcs per order. See the quality of the fish roe that they used? It’s bigger than your normal Cold Storage version.

Their 5-piece Ebi Tempura was also something to look forward to as you can taste the freshness of the shrimp used.

I decided to forego my usual California Maki order for this special Ebi Kurimu Maki, which is an amped up California Maki with Philly cream cheese and a thin slice of salmon sashimi.

Though their maki and sushi tastes amazing, I think ramen is not one of their forte. Haha! Here’s a bowl of Haru’s ramen that my beau finds too salty for his likeness.

Either way, if you need unwind in a secluded spot with great Japanese cuisine, Haru is my best recommendation. You can call them up to reserve tables as the place can get full of patrons quite easily.

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant
21 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    The Tobiko Maki and tempura look extremely delicious. As in nakakagutom. haha. Will drop by talaga when I get to Kapitolyo. The ramen looks so sad though. :/ Parang normal broth lang or soup.

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