How to Revive Your Broken Compact Makeup

So this happened. My Becca Champagne Pop highlighter slipped from my hand, fell right on the floor, and CRACKED! I was mortified to see my favorite highlighter literally crumble into pieces!

I was going to have this as an excuse to get a new pan but I checked Sephora PH and the ones I like are already out of stock. I don’t have the time to research for another good highlighter so I thought of just reviving this one using stuff you can basically find at home. Was it a success? READ MORE to find out! <3

Basically you’ll need:

  • 70% – 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • stainless spoon
  • ziplock bag
  • toilet paper

Got everything? Let’s get fixing!

First, scrape off all the product from the pan and into the ziplock bag using the small spoon.

Seal the ziplock bag and make sure to have the least air as possible in the bag. Crush the remaining chunks of product using the back of the spoon to make sure nothing is left but fine powder.

Cut the sealing part of the ziplock. In my experience of handling powdered makeup, this sealing part takes so much of the makeup and makes the transfer messy–so better cut it off for convenience. 🙂

I transferred some 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a small sprayer so I can spritz the alcohol later on instead of pouring it over. So if you have spare atomizers at home, you can also use it to dispense your alcohol in a more controlled manner.

Anyway, the next step is to spritz/pour some alcohol at the base of the pan.

Slowly pour the crushed product into the pan little by little.

Even it out with your spoon.

Repeat the process of pouring the product little by little into the pan and leveling it with the spoon. Don’t forget to spritz alcohol in between these steps. The alcohol helps bind the powder together.

Repeat the process until the entire pan is evenly covered with product.

Gently press the powdered product down using the back of the spoon.

Spritz or pour a few more drop for alcohol into the pan.

After pouring all the product from the ziplock bag and into the pan, it’s time to press it gently to turn it back into a compact form using a clean tissue. Use a small circular and flat surfaced item (e.g. a circular and flat cosmetic lid) to help press the product down evenly.

The pattern of the tissue will most likely give your newly fixed compact the texture so you can find a tissue with a pretty pattern.

Clean the sides of the pan using a cotton swab with alcohol and you’re done! <3

Have you heard/tried this technique? Share your experience through comments!

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