I tested positive.

2022 is easily becoming “2020 too” as the numbers of people getting infected of the COVID19 virus rise exponentially. Unfortunately, I was not spared from it.

Fortunately, however, my symptoms were mild. I first had scratchy throat last January 7, towards the evening. I could’ve easily brushed it off from drinking apple cider kombucha late in that afternoon, but the sore throat persisted even up to the next day.

Last January 8, the day when we had our Philippine meeting at AIA to talk about Bamboo Hydrosol, was the worst. My symptoms escalated from having sore throat to having a drilling migraine and myalgia where my limbs were aching from within… that same feeling when I’d have rheumatism. I also had that feeling that I’m coming down with something… like I’m feverish, but not quite as my body temperature says I’m still within the normal range. So after the meeting, and after submitting the needed documentations, I took some rest and told my family about my condition.

The thing is, getting RT-PCR test these days isn’t that easy. With the high volume of people taking–or wanting to take–the test, results usually come in after 3-4 days. I was only able to get myself tested with a kit this morning, which confirmed my symptoms to be COVID19. Chris, on the other hand, tested negative for the RapidTest kit and with IG/g immunity using the antibodies testkit.

So far my symptoms are manageable. I’m continuously monitoring my oxygen level and body temperature. I’m coughing right now and would still have aches and pains here and there. So far I’ve been taking TCM protocols and have isolated myself since the onset of exhibiting symptoms.

Getting COVID19 these days isn’t that scary as 2 years ago when having the virus seemed like a death sentence. Luckily, I’ve already been vaccinated and I know completing the first 2 doses is what’s protecting me right now from having severe symptoms.

On my next blog post, let me share with you how I’m managing myself and our house while being COVID19 positive.

Stay safe and keep your immunitites up, my Wasabis! ?

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