It’s Time To Get Whipped!

Have you always been hesitant to waxing? DON’T BE! It’s time to for you to try the most pain-free waxing experience from Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon.

I decided to go to Whipped’s BGC branch, since it is where I’m most familiar in. I was in for some armpit cleaning session so the therapist started off by cleaning my pits.

Whipped only uses sugar wax. So if you’ve been intimidated of hot wax, this is the best place to try out waxing. In fact, the therapist was friendly and gentle throughout the process.

After waxing, she did her finishing touches by plucking the smaller hair that weren’t captured by the sugar wax.

And finally, she topped it off with a soothing cream or moisturizer.

The entire process was really quick–I mean, I was done within 10 minutes. So if you’re crunch with time, I guess it helps that Whipped’s therapists do their thing fast.

However, I do think there are room for improvement. Since I was only able to carefully check my pits when I went home, I noticed that there are random strands of tiny hair left. I’m really OC about waxing and I’d appreciate all the hair to be gone every after session. So I think it would be great if they’d have stand lamps with white light per room to aid the therapists in carefully and completely checking tiny hair left.

On the other hand, I like that the therapists remind you of the do’s and dont’s  post-waxing. You are not supposed to wet your pits within 6- 8 hours after waxing as the pores are still open. Anyway, here’s a list of Whipped’s services and prices:

So if you’re a first-timer and you’re looking for an affordable waxing salon, getting an appointment at Whipped would be a great start. Oh, and be sure to set an appointment before your visit to avoid waiting time.

Visit Whipped at any of their three branches in Ayala Fairview Terraces, Alabang Town Center, and 8 Forbes Town Center. For more info, like their Facebook and Instagram.

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