Keep Your Bags in Shape with Poppy Bag Cushions

Last week, the amazing guys from Poppy sent me samples of their product for review. If you are into expensive purse, I’m sure you’d know how important it is to keep each and every one of them in tip-top shape, even in storage.

I have friends who are really bagaholics and it’s always an issue for them to ensure their bags would retain its original form since improper storage may deform bags and cause creases.

Introducing Poppy Bag Cushions, which are soft satin mini-pillows that serve as bag stuffers. Poppy Bag Cushions come in 4 generic sizes Small (8″x4.5″), Medium (12″x8.5″), Large (12″x10″), and Oversize (12″x15″). What’s great about Poppy is that they have specialized bag cushions for popular designer models like LV Neverfull MM, Givenchy Pandora Medium, Givenchy Nightingale Medium, Balenciaga Work, and Balenciaga City.

Pepper would’ve loved to use it has his pillow

Treat your bag with utmost Love. No need to stuff it with tissues, towels or paper. With our Omni Fresh Technology, POPPY BAG CUSHIONS will certainly keep your bag fresh and dry.

With Poppy Bag Cushions, you won’t have to worry about creasing again. Plus, Poppy Bag Cushions feature Omni-Fresh Technology, which innovatively shuns away moisture from your purses!

Poppy comes in different colours to suit your taste. I personally like mint and maroon. Here’s a simple demo on how to use Poppy Bag Cushions:

For orders, please get in touch with Poppy Bag Cushions on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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2 responses to “Keep Your Bags in Shape with Poppy Bag Cushions”

  1. fati recede ☀ (@_itsmefati) Avatar

    I need this! since my school bag is quite a big shoulder bag and I carry a few notebooks and things. I hate how it deforms due to few things inside it. I might even use it as a pillow when I have free time in school. Kidding. 😛

  2. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    wow =) since i dont own any designer bag i might skip this =) what i have right now is my baby bag which can multitask =)

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