LG Pocket Photo: My Choice of Selfie Pocket Printer

Admittedly, I bought this on a whim. I was bored one day and found this online. The next thing I knew, this LG Pocket Photo was delivered at my doorstep. LoL.

Since then, I have grown a certain love for this pocket photo printer. So today, let me share with you the good and bad sides of LG Pocket Photo and share with you why I chose this over Instax.

When Instax mini became such a huge hype in Manila, I was never convinced that I should get a unit, even if it came out with so many cute designs like Hello Kitty and whatnot. Given that both Instax mini and this LG Pocket Photo would need a special paper to print out photos, I’d choose LG simply because it’s less bulky than Instax. Plus, you can connect this to your tablet, smartphones, and anything that has Bluetooth connectivity or NFC. Can your Instax do that? No.

Charging time is pretty fast too. One full charge lasts for 15 printouts. As regards to print quality, don’t expect outputs that would wow you. The prints are only 2″ x 3.” These business card sized photo prints come in handy not only for social gatherings but also for business events. For example you ran out of business cards to give away, make sure to save a copy of your business card layout in your smart phone and you can print it out anytime with your LG Pocket Photo.

Now for the consumables. To be honest, I had a hard time looking for LG’s ZInk (Zero Ink) paper. But to give you a tip, the ZInk paper is sold for Php300/10pcs. If you think that P30/photo is a little too expensive, then I guess you should just skip this. I’ve read some reviews that people have tried using Polaroid papers to their LG Pocket Photo and the printouts weren’t that good. So it leaves you no choice but to use LG’s original ZInk paper.

I’m still looking for ways to maximize the use of this photo printer. So far, I have printed photos of my cats and my nephew. I don’t do scrapbooking so there’s nothing much for me to do with my printouts. Haha! But it sure is fun to be able to print out photos whenever I like to give as souvenir to my friends or relatives.

How about you? Do you know anyone who has the same photo printer? Please let me know through comments. I’m still looking for ZInk papers to buy.

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2 responses to “LG Pocket Photo: My Choice of Selfie Pocket Printer”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I have instax. It was given to me by my bf as a gift. And I like it even if it’s bulky since it’s cute and I love cute things. 🙂 I also have a plan of buying that pocket photo printer too but my problem nga is the film. Pero yun, getting instax films are a lot easier to find. So I’m still thinking if I should buy that LG printer. It’s pretty fun to use

  2. rachael leonardo Avatar
    rachael leonardo

    cute baby! i also want a pocket printer so i can print it whenever we are. i think its pretty cool.

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