Milktea Time at Ya Kun Kaya Toast Philippines

Yes, I have heard of the milk tea tragedy that happened recently. But since Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a famous chain in Singapore, I’m pretty sure I am in good hands.

I went in for an order of Cheesy French Toast Combo, which included a cup of hot milktea and the famous Singaporean soft-boiled eggs.

I indulged in the soft-boiled eggs first, which was just the usual Singaporean style with soysauce. I don’t normally enjoy runny eggs but I strangely love how these soft-boiled eggs were prepared and served. Also, I enjoyed the French toast as I find the cheesed up version more filling than without cheese. The sweet dip that came with it did not disappoint as well.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast has 3 branches in Manila. I went to Robinson’s Manila, which was quite small. However, you can always check out their branch in SM Jazz Makati and SM Mall Of Asia.

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4 responses to “Milktea Time at Ya Kun Kaya Toast Philippines”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    yay for the soft boiled eggs ms jirbie! =) honestly i became curious have you heard the news about a girl died from consuming a milk tea? i heard it on the news and from my sister

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    That milk tea tragedy is just so sad. :/ I always love milk tea pa naman

  3. Vin Domier Avatar

    I definitely love “comfort food!” Gotta visit their store in SM Moa soon… (^…^)

  4. Ramonne Paula (@Soleika14) Avatar

    I haven’t heard and seen this restaurant but I’m glad you feature about it. I will try this soon! Thank you Miss Jirbie. 🙂

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