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As I grew older (and wiser, perhaps?) I tend to be more adventurous with skincare and tend to be drawn towards trying out home-grown brands now that I have a better understanding of what works for my skin. This Naturale Bliss Face Serum is something you might toss for a much more expensive and imported brand, but girl, once you try to get to know more of it and test it out, you’d probably kick yourself for spending more than you have to. In a nutshell, Naturale Bliss is a brand has been around for a bit but has yet to be discovered by many.

With the passion of providing beauty and wellness as one in every product–plus tons of hard work–the brand was born. Naturale Bliss comes with a range of natural skincare products that are not shy of using only premium-grade ingredients.

I was actually excited to try out their best-selling Lash Out Loud Eyelash Serum but had to put it off for a couple of weeks since I just got my lash extensions. BUT as soon as it was time to take off the extensions, I quickly whipped out the wand and applied Lash Out Loud generously every night. And you know what? People used to notice when I just had my lash extensions–nakakalbo kase talaga lashes ko after extensions… but since using Lash Out Loud, no one seemed to notice. This gave me the impression that in a span of 2 weeks, Lash Out Loud has effectively nourished my lashes and, quite possibly, made it look like nothing has happened–it was like as if my lashes skipped that traumatic post-lash-extensions-look.

Another best-seller from the brand is their Balm for All Season. I noticed that a lot of Naturale Bliss’ products are multi-functional. This tiny tub is something you’d want to pack in your camping trip–it’s anti-itch, and can even treat minor cuts and burns! No wonder this superstar is loved by most moms!

For those of you who are mosquito-magnets like me, Stop the Itch Stick Balm is something you have to pack in your purse. First, it protects you against mosquitoes and insects. Then, it helps relieve itchiness and redness.

Naturale Bliss Heal & Refresh Stick Balm is something I keep in my pocket. I normally get migraines one in a while, so whenever it hits, I just rub some of the product on my temples and wait for it to subside. Aside from the cooling sensation, what I love about Heal & Refresh Stick Balm is that the balm doesn’t have a strong off-putting scent (*ahem* white flower–although I love white flower, ok!) so you can shamelessly apply this on your temples even in public places and you won’t get a side-eye for it. Just keep this away from you eyes because–I tell you–it stings! :p

If you have long been a reader of this blog, you may know the things I have done for my varicose veins. VV is something that I have genetically. When I was in college, there was a ruptured vein on my right leg, which was very VERY unsightly–especially that I have really fair skin, the red spider vein was really evident. So when I was 24, I had sclerotherapy done to get rid of it. Good thing those things don’t come back since sclerotherapy technically kills of the vein with saline solution. But that doesn’t mean varicose veins and spider veins won’t come up on another area–eeps!

So, Naturale Bliss’ VV Serum is one of the FIRST products I excitedly tried as soon as I got their products. Haha! I mean, VV is the bane of my existence. I grew up being paranoid of having varicose veins, and this magic potion promises to improve blood circulation, stimulates collagen, and has anti-inflammatory properties. At night when I feel that my legs are sore, I apply this roll-on serum and raise my legs at least 12inches heart-level. It’s just something I do to make sure I keep spider veins and VV away.

And, finally, this little bad boy is something YOU. HAVE. TO. TRY. Naturale Bliss’ Eye Love You is the latest product offering that has been stealing the limelight. I don’t really have much bags, but I do have dark undereyes and the caffeine in the coffee beans that you actually see in the bottle has been proven to kick darkness and puffiness’ ass so yeah, this is definitely a keeper.

There’s no doubt that Naturale Bliss is a proudly Pinoy brand that you have to watch out for. All of the products I have mentioned are super affordable! They sure know how to cut down the cost without cutting corners. Too much promise in one bottle? Try it for yourself and let’s see if you can tell me otherwise.

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