Naturally Beautiful Hair by Yves Rocher

If you’ve known me since I was a kid, I’m sure you’d agree that my crown didn’t have all the glory growing up. Yup, my hair came in all sorts of weird shape and form–it was fluffy, poofy, frizzy–name it… it was really weird. Even before hair rebonding became the in thing, I’ve already had my hair treated by Freshaire and Going Straight year after year after year since 6th grade.

that’s me in the 90s beside my late grandpa when we visited them in Canada

I’ve been doing all these straightening treatment for years not knowing that, by doing so, I have been contributing to my hair’s damage. So one day, I decided to stop with all the crazy hair treatments and just focused on using healthier hair products to manage my hair.

Fast forward to today, I didn’t have to subject my hair to yearly rebonding nor straightening. I do like to have Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatment once in a while. But let’s be honest here, my hair looks and feels so much healthier and prettier since my awkward days.

Aside from those salon treatments, I love using hair products that actually take care of my hair–just like the brand Yves Rocher! These are products with silicone-free and paraben-free formulas for lighter and bouncier hair.

Yves Rocher, the creator of botanical beauty and the best-selling brand in France is celebrating “Naturally Beautiful Hair” this month. Choose from Yves Rocher’s complete range of shampoos, conditioners and specialized treatments that meet your hair’s needs–whether you have normal, dull, dry or flat, oily or dandruff-ed hair, Yves Rocher has you back.

Below are just some of the products I have been loving this April as I protect my hair from the scorching heat of the sun, naturally!


  • Yves Rocher Botanical Experts has developed an amazing formula combining Raspberry and French Origin Vinegar obtained from a natural fermenting process
  • Hair becomes soft, smooth and radiant
  • Leaves a naturally fresh raspberry scent
  • Contains 0% silicon, 0% paraben
  • Suitable for all hair types

The Secret of Botanicals: RASPBERRY Extracts to fully seal hair cuticles and remove mineral buildup from water.


  • This delicate cleansing cream gives softness and respect for your hair
  • Its non-foaming formula protects the integrity of the hair fiber even when used daily
  • Shampoo has 0% SULFATE, 0% SILICONE, 0% PARABEN, 0% COLORING

The Secret of Botanicals: Hawthorn from Organic Farming for its protective properties that frees radicals.


  • Repairs your hair by nourishing the scalp with restorative Babassu oil and Macadamia oil
  • Silicone free formula for lighter hair
  • To be applied before shampooing, leave on for 10 minutes

The Secret of Botanicals: ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL for its nourishing and protective qualities.

With Yves Rocher, get to use the power of botanicals for  a more beautiful you! Don’t forget to check out Yves Rocher on Facebook: and on Instagram: / #YvesRocherPH for more info.

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