PhotoBlog: Cynos Hair Makeover Part 1

Yesterday, I was finally able to visit Cynos training center for my hair makeover. Cynos is an international brand which has a complete range for the professional salon–from color to treatments, straightening or perming, and even haircare.

I arrived at the center around noon and I was immediately attended by Ms. Razzel. She took my ‘before’ shots.

Soon after, hair technicians Ate Pia Rose and Ate Dianne came in to check my hair further. They are my beauty team for the day. Both are hair experts. Ate Pia previously worked at Tony and Jackey while Ate Dianne has been in the industry for 17 years now.

(L) Ate Pia Rose (R) Ate Dianne

After their ‘go signal’ to do my makeover request, they made me choose my colour. I picked this ash brown shade #713.

Let’s start!

So here it is! Gorgeous, gorgeous ash brown hair colour!

I do not really colour my hair. Perhaps this is the third time I colored my hair in my entire life. So having my mane coloured this bright is already a makeover for me. They were telling me that I should go purple or red but I told them it might not be suitable for my work.

How do you like it? This is not the end of it. I still have another hair procedure to talk about. Stay tuned this week for my second installment. 😉

CYNOS Products are available at Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell, Bench Fix, Tinette & Co, Nail-A-Holics, Azta Urban Salon, Louis Phillip Kee, Jimmy Lu Salon, Going Straight Salon, Creation by Lourd Salon, Salon G2, Freshaire, Jing Monis, Bambbi Fuentes Salon, Ystilo Salon, Salon V, Elevation Salon, Folded and Hung Famous Salon and Emphasis Salon.

Happy Sunday!

PS. Thank you Ms. Lynne, Ms. Grace, Ms. Tenylle for my makeover. 😉

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