Post Brow Resurrection Survival Guide

Last week, I broke up with my trusted brow kit when I decided to have Brow Resurrection done at Browhaus Lucky Chinatown Mall. I’m so tired of having to draw my brows everyday, especially when I’m in a hurry and I can never leave without having a nice pair of brows on.

It’s not like having brow tattoo has never crossed my mind. But I feel weird imagining I’d still have dark brows when I’m already old and sporting my platinum white hair. So I guess having a brow tattoo has definitely been crossed out of my list.

When I learned about Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection, a semi-permanent solution to revive your brows, it was heaven-sent to me. When I was given a chance to try it out, I happily obliged.

But what happens next? Let me share with you my day-to-day experience after Brow Resurrection.

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Day 1

My brow architect worked on my brows for about 90 minutes–or less! I can’t quite remember because the procedure was such a breeze. It was absolutely painless or maybe because my pain threshold is just high. I even dozed off a little. However, I felt the stinging sensation within 30-45 minutes after the procedure. I guess this is the time when the numbing cream’s effect has worn off.

Day 2-3

I had to control my facial expressions. There’s a slight stinging pain every time I smile and laugh–my brow area is still very sensitive. My post-Brow Resurrection (BR) survival kit has been my best friend. I diligently applied Browhaus’ Fix and Build every morning and night. I NEVER get my brows wet. I put cling wrap on them whenever I wash my face, and I even wear this snorkeling goggles when stepping inside the shower. Plus, NO MAKEUP on the eye area at all.

My post-BR survival kit!

Day 4-5

I guess the open wounds have dried up and formed a scab. I noticed that some of the hair-like scab comes off as I put on my Fix and Build. My brow area was becoming very itchy but I had to control and make sure it’s left untouched. Scabbing is a natural process to heal so I knew I should not interfere with it to ensure I’d get the best out of my BR’s outcome.

Day 6-7

By this time I was already day dreaming of having my facial and finally being able to apply makeup again. Haha! But I continued applying my Fix & Build every morning and night. By this time, I have perfectly adapted using my crazy snorkeling goggles every bath time. Oh, and I use Bifesta’s Cleansing Lotion to clean the area around my brows.

No makeup, just brows!

And here’s the final outcome of my Brow Resurrection after 7 days. See my effortless-looking brows? It looks so real, don’t you think?

If only my brows could speak, I know they would tell me how eternally thankful they are for finally having them done and for finally giving them life. Thanks to Brow Resurrection, now I can wake up and have picture perfect brows everyday.

So, girls, if you weren’t blessed with a beautiful set of brows (like me!), you can drop by at Browhaus Manila to have free consultation. For more information, please follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  1. DearKaaat Avatar

    Would love to wake up to an already beautiful set of brows as well!

  2. Jae Avatar

    What a creative name for a brow service. XD Your brows look amazing. Ah, maybe I should try this, doing my eyebrows always take up the longest time in my makeup routine.


  3. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    wish i could make my brows as pretty as that ms jirbie =) hirap talaga ako pantayin kilay ko *palm face*

  4. Erika Kris Avatar

    love your brows, although i would like to see the before picture. 🙂

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