Product Review: Beauty Unlimited Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set

Now it’s time to talk about my new synthetic kabuki brush set from Beauty Unlimited. I have been enjoying my precision eye set. Let’s see if these bigger versions deliver the same amazing performance.

Let’s start with my favorite among the bunch, the Round Kabuki Brush. This dense rounded synthetic brush is made for buffing powder or mineral makeup and creates a seamless buffed in appearance. But I love using this for my tinted moisturizer as it works well buffing in liquid products too. This brush is an alternative to Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, albeit a little more round.

This Tapered Kabuki Brush is meant for those hard to reach areas of your face like the sides of the nose and inner corners of the eye. Its pointed tip is perfect to reach the contours of the face. Compared to the flat-type foundation brush, this Tapered Brush leaves a more flawless liquid or cream foundation application.

I have been using this Flat Top Kabuki Brush for my liquid foundation and it works well. My only problem is that this brush specifically has major shedding issues. Like not just a couple of strands, it really was shedding while I was using it and washing it. It’s crazy.

This Flat Angled Kabuki Brush is made to blend your foundation flawlessly to fit the contours of your face like cheekbones and the contours of your nose. You can use this brush interchangeably with the Flat Top Brush–there’s not much of a difference, actually.

Finally, this Angled Kabuki Brush serves as a combo of my Round Kabuki and Flat Angled Brush. This way, I find this useful in seamlessly buffing in cream or liquid foundation. This is also great for application of cream bronzer or to buff in cream blushes. Since the top is rounded, the color is more dispersed as compared to the Flat Angled.

I do not physically own the Sigma Kabuki Set, but based on the photos, my Beauty Unlimited set is quite similar to Sigma’s. I wouldn’t exactly call it a dupe, but I think this set is a good–and real cheap–alternative. For its price, I think this set is okay. I am kind of worried with the amount of shedding of my Flat Top Kabuki Brush, though.

Anyway, this Beauty Unlimited Synthetic Kabuki Brush Kit is actually a part of the store’s 10-pc Pink and Gold set that is on sale at Php800.00. You may check out Beauty Unlimited on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Eyz Abanilla Avatar

    It looks like beauty cosmetics brush din.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      It does! Only, it’s cheaper. 🙂

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