Product Review: Etude Color Lips Fit

I cannot be more ecstatic to share this with you, guys. If you have been eying to buy that Lime Crime Velvetines but finds it way above your budget, Etude’s Color Lips Fit might a great alternative.

You may have noticed that heavy and waxy lips are so out of this season. Summertime is perfect for light and beach-wearable makeup. So, pucker up as Etude has something awesome for you to wear when you hit the beach this LaBoracay!

Etude Color Lips Fit
No more heavy lipsticks! New and unique colors with surprisingly light fit! These new Magic Water Lipsticks work like lipsticks, have lightness of tints, and settle like primer. Revolutionary Airy Fit Texture gives light but vivid color lips. Instead of heavy wax, it contains light silicon oil and powder to express new stylish definition. Just one stroke can express clear, vivid color full of color pigments.

Just like the famous Velvetines, Etude’s Color Lips Fit is a liquid lipstick–with great color pay-off–that dries into a powdery matte texture. Remember, a little goes a long way as the color is extremely vivid in one swipe. Although you can apply the product using the slanted applicator, I prefer dabbing a small amount on my lips and spreading it using a lip brush then just build it up if I wanted more intensity. You can also create gradient lips using this lip brush method.

Here are the swatches for Silhouette Fit Pink PK002 (left) and Perfect Fit Red RD301 (right).

Aside from loving its fun fruity scent, I love that a single streak of the product can give this much coverage when blended (see photo below). Since the product turns velvety as it dries, make sure to apply it on well exfoliated lips as the product can settle in every nook and cranny of your lips. Also, the product may tend to transfer easily. So it’s best to top it off with a clear gloss or use a Lipcote.

So here’s me wearing Etude Color Lips Fit Silhouette Fit Pink PK002 (my current favourite summer lip colour, by the way).

Etude Color Lips Fit is available in 7 gorgeous shades and retails for only Php498.00 each. For promos and updates, follow Etude House on Facebook, and Twitter.

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4 responses to “Product Review: Etude Color Lips Fit”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Awesome shades! Hope to see it in a fotd. 😀

  2. Wendy Rose Flores Santillan Avatar

    beautiful! i also want to see the red one on you. since you’re chinita and i think it would suit you too. 🙂

  3. Rikzah Zia Avatar

    Damn why aren’t these brands available in pakistan ?!!! D: i don’t care how they work i’d go buy them only for that cute packaging <3

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