Product Review: iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation

These days, I can never go out of my house without any powerbank stashed in my bag. Since I’m always online, my iPhone’s battery would last me 4 hours, tops. Good thing I have my sleek iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation.

The Vogue BattStation 5600 USB portable rechargeable battery chargers offer a convenient power solution for on the go lifestyles. Add additional talk time with your Vogue BattStation portable battery so that you never need an outlet. Recharge your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth or other mobile devices when on the go. It supports charging of all iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android models and most USB based smartphones and other devices which support USB charging.

iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation has a capacity of 5600mAh and it has an output voltage of 1A. While this may be enough for most iPhones and smart phones, this is slower than what iPads and other phablets can take. Nevertheless, I am really digging the stylish and sophisticated design of this powerbank. It actually reminds me of IronMan (maybe because of the glossy red finish?).

The package comes with the standard micro-USB cable, fabric drawstring pouch, iPhone adapter, and Samsung Galaxy adapter.

What’s cool is that iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation also has a built-in LED flashlight. To turn it on, you can press the side power button twice. To turn it off, just press it again twice.

iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation can charge up to 2 full cycles of your iPhone. It took me 9 hours to recharge the powerbank to full (versus 5-6 hours based on the manual). The LED indicator changes from red to green to blue. Each color gives you an estimate on how much power you still have. Once the LED indicator goes steady in blue, it means that the powerbank is now fully charged.

Stay connected. Grab your Vogue BattStation 5600 from any Banana Telecom, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Electro Computer Data System, Globotel, iGig, iStudio, Microstation, Powerhub, Viewers Telecom, and 8Telcom outlet.

iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation is distributed by Digits Trading.

Available in 3 colours: Matte Black, Gloss Red and Gloss White

4 responses to “Product Review: iBattz Mojo Vogue BattStation”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Nice review.
    By the way , if you use your apple USB wall charger to recharge your vogue Battstation 5600 , it should be fully charged within 6 hours.
    You need 9 hrs probably becuase you use the computer USB port to recharge it ?
    Anyway , thanks for your support.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi Robin! I used my 2.0A Nexus tablet charger to power it up. I’m thinking maybe because this is the initial charge? I’m not sure. This happened with my other power bank as well–the initial charge was way longer than my succeeding charging times.

  2. kapitan kapkap Avatar
    kapitan kapkap

    How long do these powerbank last? A friend told me that this powerbank will last 3 months tops. Is this true?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi, are you asking for this specific brand or are you talking about powerbanks in general? So far, I’ve had my first powerbank, Momax iPower Go, last June and I am still enjoying the benefits of it. I don’t think the charging capacity has depleted yet. However, these powerbanks–in general–would have a specific number of charging cycle/lifespan but it’s certainly not 3 months. From what I know they last for years. Unless, maybe, it’s an unreliable brand from China. 🙂

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