Product Review: Jouer Longwear Liquid Lip Crème

Who else is over with this liquid lipstick craze? Definitely not me! I was so happy to finally get my Jouer Liquid Lip Cremes, having heard that they’ve got one of the most comfortable wear even if they’re impressively longwearing.

I have long had my eyes on Skinny Dip (USD16.00), which used to be a limited edition under the Mermaid Collection. But last I checked, the Skinny Dip has become a mainstay due to the huge demand. Also, I picked up Fruit de la Passion (USD18.00), which is a cool toned magenta pink.

What’s unique about this brand is that you can actually create your own makeup palette by joining the shadows, blushes, and even this liquid lipstick tube together (as shown in the paper included in each box).

Now time for the swatches:

The product spreads on smoothly and is highly pigmented. In fact, when applied on the lips, one glide is enough to achieve this bold color. It’s super longwearing that I barely have to do a retouch even after eating. But, of course, I was super careful and I stayed away from oily food. :p

I’ve you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen me gush about my Jouer liquid lippies and I may have posted quite a lot of selfies with it on Snapchat or Instagram stories.

Here’s a closer look:

Don’t you just love the Skinny Dip lip topper? I die. It’s super weightless, although I feel it has a little tackiness versus the ordinary Jouer liquid lipstick. I love the Skinny Dip since it instantly ads glam to any blah lipcolor.

Think about it this way, if you have Champagne Pop for your face, this Skinny Dip is the Champagne Pop for your lips! <3

Here’s how it looks like when you add Skinny Dip over the regular liquid lipstick:

 Soooooo prettyyyyyyy… <3

Anyway, have you tried any Jouer liquid lippie? What’s your favorite shade? Let me know because I’m planning to get some more. I’m actually leaning towards getting Papaye or something. I’m super interested in the high-shine versions versus the plain old matte.

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