Product Review: Wet n’ Wild Vegan Makeup Brushes

I have always preferred synthetic brushes over natural-hair ones. I find it easier to clean and it dries faster. So when I saw these brushes from Youtuber Kathleen Lights, I was so excited to get my hands on them.

I only have 9 brushes but I think there’s 18 available. Anyhoo, let me share with you my picks, why I love them, and which ones can still be better.

This Powder Brush is one of the fluffiest and softest I’ve ever owned. I love using this with my setting powder since the density is just right to softly displace the product all over my face.

This is the primary reason why I ended up buying a whole bunch of Wet n Wild Brushes. I needed a new Blush Brush and I thought the Wet n’ Wild brushes are really adorbs. True enough, this blush brush is perfect to give my cheeks the faintest, most natural looking flush when I use it with my favorite Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush (my old blush brush usually gave me that bitch-slapped look since it was too dense).

I thought of getting this Contour Brush to use with my highlighter. It’s small and angled so I find it easier to use when I want to put my facial shimmers in the right places. Plus, it picks up the right amount of product without me looking like an alien (from having too much highlight).

I was planning to use this Flat Top brush for my liquid foundation but I find it too flimsy. I still prefer using my Round Kabuki Brush to buff in my foundation.

The Large Stipple Brush is perfect if you want to have that air-brushed effect. On days when I have more time to spare, I like using this since it seamlessly blends in the thickest foundation on your skin making it look somewhat sheer/natural.

The baby version of the large stippling brush where you can use in applying your concealer to achieve the same air-brushes effect. I love this brush as it serves its purpose well. 🙂

I picked this brush up simple because I don’t have a smudger brush for my lower lash line. I mean, it looks funny when your lids are fully made up and you lower lash has nothing. Just to balance it out (from your upper lid to lower lash), you need to remember to smudge some color on the lower lash line using this brush. Works great for powder of liquid eye makeup.

Ahh, my favorite of all. I loved using my BH Cosmetics blending brush since forever and I needed a replacement. My Virginia Olsen blending brush is okay but I find it too small when I need to use it for setting my concealer. This Wet n Wild Crease Brush has the perfect diameter for me to set my concealer. It’s also great in applying highlight on my brow bone and inner tear duct.

To be honest, I got this Fan Brush because I only had one in my collection and I thought of getting another. This one works well when I want to add a little more highlight on the tops of my cheeks for a more diffused shimmer versus using my Contour Brush.

Have you decided which ones to get? These Wet n’ Wild Brushes are available online through @Manila.Javita

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