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I’ve always thought that I’m someone who can handle stress very well. Heck, I even used to think I actually THRIVE in it. And although I had the strong mental will to fight off stress, there came a time when my body told me otherwise.

Three years ago, I decided to leave the corporate world for good. It was a bold move but I knew I had to take it. I found myself utterly sick for four months straight. I actually took pity on my colleagues who had to endure my incessant rough barks and distracting sniffles all throughout the day.

Being sick for such a long time is never a good sign. So when I finally decided to ‘retire’ from the corporate world and become the cliche ‘be your own boss,’ guess what was one of the things I did?

Yup, I enrolled myself to some yoga class.

I’ve always found yoga to be effective for me. It’s so laid back yet you find yourself sweating. What I love about yoga is that it effectively regulates my sleep at night, therefore I wake up more refreshed the next morning.

Having yoga right after I resigned from the corporate world helped me adjust my normal body clock.

Fast forward to today, I find myself getting so engrossed to learning more about essential oils. I feel that diffusing my favorite Lavender or Ylang Ylang does the magic if I need a quick pick-me-up.

Sweet Orange is also something I enjoy very much when I feel that I’m having a blah day. It helps keep crankiness and moodiness at bay.

Aside from that, I normally carry around a couple of blends in my purse to help me gain my balance. How about you? What are the common things you do to manage stress?

On February 22, Healthy Options will be having an event entitled Healthy Options Talks: The Stress Remedy at 6pm in EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Mandaluyong. It’s best suited for students, business owners, parents, working professionals, and anyone who’s feeling tired, restless, and overwhelmed lately. The talk will basically focus on helping you to manage stress more effectively.

New York-based naturopathic doctor and best-selling book author Dr. Doni Wilson will be sharing the secrets of living with stress and reclaiming health and happiness.

For more into, click this link to access their Facebook Events page.

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