Shopping at TICKLES flagship store in SM North Edsa

Since the early 80s, Tickles has been the go-to source for quirky gifts and fun knick knacks. Happiness has always been the guiding principle of Tickles, ever since it
was established in 1979. And now, Tickles–the iconic homegrown novelty shop–opens its new flagship store in SM North Edsa.

Upon entering the store–aside from the cheery staff greeting you “welcome to your happy place”–these cute animal inflatables are there greet you hello.

Tickles is one of the stores I have loved since highschool days when I would buy cute and colorful planner refills–even before Starbucks and Belle De Jour planner became a thing. Now, you can buy all sorts of cutesy things, including stationaries, pens, stuffed toys, and whatnot.

Walking through the aisles of Tickles definitely brought me back to memory lane as the same quirky and fun vibe is there. There were classic fun pieces like jackstone balls and rainbow springies, while there are also novelties that are better apt for today’s generation.

Anyway, let me take you around the store…

When I spotted that dino stuffed toy, I was itching to get it for my nephew. Lol. Just because he’s scared of dinosaurs (I know I’m a mischievous tita!).

Anyhoo, I grabbed this huuuuge rubber ducky for my nephew instead. I thought it would be something for him to play with every time he goes swimming.

I grabbed one of those foamed eye patches since I thought they were cute.

Those pompom headbands were also too cute to pass. I got two of those and one of the cat ear headband.

I took home one of those cute (how many times have I said cute??!) animal neck pillow for my furbabies. I just hope they’d find good use of it. >,<

Those cutesy coin banks are perfect for your loose change. Something you can look forward to at the end of the year when you finally open the can and count how much you have saved. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re a frequent traveller, I think those packing cubes (to neatly organize your clothes, shoes, and etc. in your baggage) would be super useful.

So here’s what I got in my basket:

I will be posting a vlog about this to be sure to check out my Youtube channel. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tickles is located at Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Power Plant Mall, SM Megamall A, SM
North Edsa, TriNoma, UP Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!,
Robinsonโ€™s Place Manila, and Ayala Center Cebu. Follow @tickles_PH on Twitter
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