SkinWhite: The Power of Instant White+ GIVEAWAY

Do you know what I’m loving lately? I love the fact that this summer, I can wear ANYTHING without worrying if my skin is pantay.

I am naturally fair to begin with. So I was never really the market for whitening products. But with my daily exposure to sun as I drive to work, I noticed that my arms have become hideously two-toned!

Here’s my photo last October during my sister’s wedding:

So when I got my SkinWhite care package over summer, I was determined to go Project Pantay Kaputian.

It’s been 3 months now and I love what SkinWhite did to my skin. Not only did it even out my skintone, here’s a demo on how it can instantly make you look fairer:

Do you see how the left photo seemed to look dull? After applying SkinWhite, you can see that my skin looked more vibrant. I’m so obsessed with my SkinWhite lotion that I bought a pocket-sized one to keep in my bag to take along with me anywhere!

What’s better than that is SkinWhite wants YOU to experience its instant white power! Three (3) of my readers gets a chance to win a giftpack from SkinWhite. Just comment below on why you should be the winner!

Invite your friends to join as I will only pick the winner once I’d have more than 30 UNIQUE commenters on this post. My 3 lucky winners will be notified through email and shall pick up their prize from SkinWhite office in BGC. <3

Let me know what you think through the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter for more day to day updates.


7 responses to “SkinWhite: The Power of Instant White+ GIVEAWAY”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I wanted to win a Skinwhite gift pack because I wanted to experience the instant white effect. Like you, my arms got darker as they’ve been more exposed to the sun especially during weekdays when I’m wearing my uniform. 🙂

    Will invite friends to join!

  2. Lorie Nocasa (@iamyhienocasa) Avatar

    I am currently using Skin White products and I am already experiencing the great benefit of it. I started using it November last year and I really love how it works on my skin. It really whitens the dark spots I had lalo na sa elbows and knees.

    I am joining this giveaway so I can also share the great benefit of it to my best friend. Thank you <3

  3. Jeda Gonzales Avatar

    I would like to try SkinWhite instant white. I am using other brand right now and I am not satisfied with its result. I am now wondering if SkinWhite will help me achieve my desired complexion.

  4. doseofrain Avatar

    i want to win SkinWhite instant white because i want to achieve even toned skin, i want my arms and legs to be even toned with my shoulder and hips because my arms and legs were darker than the other part of my body.

    already invited my friends to join too

  5. Vin Domier Avatar

    WOW! I love that dress! It reminded me of my auntie’s wedding… Gorgeous! If I happen to win, I would more than love to give it to my mom this Mother’s Day. God bless everyone! (^….^)

  6. Mai Casanguan Avatar

    I’m having problem with my elbow,I’ve tried lot of whitening regimen and non of thus worked,If i win maybe i can see it for my self that i can also achieve the instant white skin even in my elbow.Great giveaway ,Thanks for the chance to win to win the Skinwhite giftpack.Love how it work to you,I like the photo of before and after.BTW,You look pretty =) GodBless

    -Almaira =)

  7. Ramonne Paula Avatar

    I want to win a gift pack from Skin White because I want to give it with my sister who is living in Zamboanga. There is no mall in the province and she could only purchase her favorite Skin White products when she is in Manila. It would be lovely to share the gift pack to her especially she just celebrated her birthday. 🙂

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