SPOTTED: Kong Tiak (Kong Tek) Vegetarian Restaurant

Hidden among the small streets intersecting Banawe Street is one of the best vegetarian restaurants ever. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just trying to eat less meat, you’ll love the meatless dishes humbly offered by Kong Tiak or Kong Tek Vegetarian Restaurant.

Starting with my favorite–their Bamboo Fungus Soup, which definitely is a must-try! Bamboo fungus is a popular ingredient in Taiwanese cuisine. Bamboo fungus is a type of edible mushroom that resembles white spongy netting. Not only delicious, bamboo fungus is packed with lots of nutrition. Considered a delicacy, it has a soft yet crisp texture that I love very much. This soup is normally mixed with Kong Tek’s mushroom balls and a dash of ginger.

Kong Tek’s Vegetarian Calamares is actually deep friend shiitake mushrooms. This dish is best eaten when freshly served. The crunchiness and juiciness of the mushroom is very enjoyable to eat.

This Vegetarian Fish Steak is a better alternative if you love eating tonkatsu’s. Made from soy products, Kong Tek’s Vegetarian Fish Steak is normally dipped in banana catsup that enhances its flavour.

Vegetarian Chicharon is one of the favorite snacks I get from Kong Tek. These are actually some deep friend bamboo mushrooms.

And of course, a meal is never complete without some Vegetarian Fried Rice. Haha! Can you believe we only paid around Php800++ for all of these? Plus, each order is enough for 2 pax. 🙂

What I love about Kong Tek Vegetarian Restaurant is that their dishes don’t taste like normal vegetarian meals–somewhat like cardboard and tasteless. Kong Tek’s dishes are actually flavourful and are really delicious. Even my dad, who is very much allergic to vegetarian meals, enjoys eating here.

Oh, and do you know that you can buy frozen mushroom balls, dried bamboo fungus, and whatnot from their store? I bought some so I can enjoy these Taiwanese dishes at home.

So dolls, if you happen to be at Banawe area, I suggest for you to check out this homey vegetarian restaurant. You won’t have to break the bank just to get a taste of an authentic Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine.

Kong Tek Vegetarian Restaurant
27 Macopa St., Quezon City (closed between 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm).
Tel: 732-1917

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2 responses to “SPOTTED: Kong Tiak (Kong Tek) Vegetarian Restaurant”

  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    The fried rice looks yummy! I think I can eat that alone without any “ulam”! haha.It is full of different vegies which makes it yummy and healthy! Yay! Thanks for sharing!

  2. kim Avatar

    I always wanted to be a vegetarian because I love animals and it is such a pity to sacrifice a life just for the sake of filling my tummy, but I guess my body doesn’t approve whenever I try to be a vegetarian I seem like always “nahihilo and nanghihina”. I love tonkatsu so much that I can eat it everyday, that alternative looks really yummy! and wow they actually have vegetarian chicharon, what does it taste like? caught my curiosity! BTW, I love your food ventures, so unique!

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