Sunday Read: When To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship

I guess the thing here is when to finally convince yourself that you’re actually in one. Abusive relationships can mask in so many ways and your abuser can claim that he/she has been doing the things that he/she does because of love. Younger couples would become so passionate about each other that they would think everything is normal and are still in the boundaries of love. But love is respect and there’s absolutely no space in love for abuse.

Abuse in relationships may come in forms of either physical, psychological, or even sexual abuse. Psychological abuse includes emotional and verbal abuse. While most reported cases of abuse would be under the statistics of physical and sexual, women suffering from emotional abuse find it hard to accept that they’re in one. Usually, women would be in denial of the abuse that happens around them.

What’s more challenging is, unlike physical abuse, there’s a clear evidence of the abuse that has happened. With psychological abuse, there’s hardly any evidence that surfaces. And since most women would rather prove their resiliency, these abusive relationships can go on even for years.

How would you know when to walk away from these relationships? The moment you have realized that your partner is not doing any good with you in your relationship, or when the cons outweigh the pros, I definitely think you should save yourself. There are so many guys or girls out that there deserve your love. Knowing to quit early on would save you and save you from so much grief in the long run.

Stop pretending that you are still happy. Stop showing a good show-face to your friends that you are in-love when there’s hardly ever love anymore. That when the moment you step inside your car all you ever do is argue, which comes down to very bad situations.

Remember your worth. Remember you are better that who you settle for. Nobody can act on it; not your mom, not your friends, not your cat, but you.

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  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Fortunately, I’m not in an abusive relationship. My bf never laid his hands on me. Ako pa nga ata ang mas nanghahampas sa kanya. Haha. But still, people who are in an abusive relationship really needs help. Minsan kasi talaga they think they would feel alone pag wala yung significant other, so kahit nasasaktan na sila physically, okay lang sa kanila. The family should really come to the rescue, or kahit friends.

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