Top 5 Oils to Combat Emotional Turbulence

Life can be overwhelming. In such a hurried world, it’s essential for us to create space for calm and relaxation. The never-ending flow of work emails, the constant pressure on social media, or even in life’s daily challenges can take an awful toll on us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Here are 5 Essential Oils you can use to combat emotional turbulence:

1)Bergamot (Fruit)
One of the best oils when you’re feeling sad, anxious, or overwhelmed, Bergamot is known for its ability to promote positivity and cheerfulness. Bergamot is a citrus oil that’s not as sweet as the oranges but it equally features an invigorating aroma to boost energy levels and up your mood. Studies show that Bergamot also lowers cortisol levels. It improves feelings of depression and fatigue.

2)Rose (Flower)
Rose is the universal oil for self love. It is an incredible healing oil to nurture the heart and promote love on the deepest of levels. Perfect to help mend wounds of the heart, as well as to open the heart up and focus on self love. Yup, add 3 drops of Rose because you deserve it.

3)Petitgrain (Leaves)
Petitgrain is emotionally balancing and is very uplifting. It has traditionally been used to support a healthy nervous system—particularly with nervous stress and exhaustion. Petitgrain is powerful for releasing the fear of disapproval or unhealthy obligation. It is helpful in creating a calm, relaxed environment to promote feelings of relaxation.

4)Elemi (Resin)
Elemi oil is usually used for meditation as it imparts a strengthening and balancing action. It is great to quiet an overactive mind and help you to feel centered and focused. It evokes feelings of peace, which is great for nervous exhaustion.

5)Vetiver (Root)
Known as the “oil of tranquility,” Vetiver is deeply grounding and balancing. Traditionally, Vetiver has been used in aromatherapy for relaxation and alleviating emotional stress, panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and inability to concentrate or remember.

Comment below if you’ve tried any of these oils and share how it worked for you.


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