Top 7 Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Part of what I do every morning is check my Youtube and see the latest uploads of my favorite channels. Here are some of my favorite beauty gurus from all over the world that you might want to check out:

1) Essie Button


2) Chloe Morello


3) From Head To Toe


4) Ruby Golani


5) Shaaanxo Vlogs


6) Shannon Sullivan


7) Lauren Curtis


Let me know your list of favorite YT Beauty Gurus through dropping a comment down below!

Happy CHOOSE-day!


3 responses to “Top 7 Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus”

  1. Wendy Rose Santillan Avatar

    i love michelle phan, itsjudystime, popsugar beauty and lesassafras 🙂
    i might as well watch them 🙂

  2. Cy Valencia Avatar

    I love FROM HEAD TO TOE’s vlogs. I find her style so glam and she looks really gorg.

  3. Lei Diwa Avatar

    I also love lauren hehehe 😀 she looks like a barbie for me… I love how can she transform to so fab. everytime she do a make up tutorial.

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