Urbanears Humlan Washable Headphones Unboxing and Review

A few hops away and it’s Valentine’s Day! Yay!!!

Have you gotten a gift for your Valentine already? I don’t want to sound cheesy but Urbanears Humlan might just be perfect for you to consider *wink wink*. 😉

A few days ago, this new pair of showstopping Tomato Humlan’s found its way right at my doorstep. I was so excited to finally try Urbanears. Though I’m not really an audiophile, I do appreciate a nice audio device whenever I watch my TV series or whenever I’m having downtime with my beau while watching movies.

Without further ado, I would like to share with you my unboxing…

I was never into headphones… Honestly, I am more into in-ears. Being the OC that I am, I really get bothered when I see my ear cushions start to get dirty and grimy. Oftentimes, with prolonged use, my ear foams would just disintegrate–like, really, literally, DISINTEGRATE. So I switched to in-ears since I can easily wash the silicon ear cushions, pop it back in, and I’m good to go!

But I guess I’d have to make my Humlan’s an exception.

Thanks to Urbanear’s creative genius, now headphones can say adieu to grimy ear cushions. You can conveniently throw in your removable ear cushions and headband to the washing machine from time to time to have a fresh and clean listening experience.

Urbanears Humlan delivers crisp, quality sound with strong bass. The cord’s Kevlar protection makes it tangle-resistant and prevents it from breaking easily. Urbanears Humlan also has a built-in microphone and remote for picking up calls, hands-free talking, or fast-forward/rewind your music.

Now here’s the cheesier part, with Urbanear’s ZoundPlug, you can share your music instantly without having to share your headphones or earphones! Yay! Just plug any 3.5mm audio jack into the open 3.5mm audio socket on the ear cap and enjoy.

With my favorite id America Metropolitan Aluminum In-Ear Headphones attached via ZoundPlug

Urbanears Humlan retails for Php2,250.00 (SRP). It is available at Astrovision, Automatic Center, Avant, Beyond The Box, Bratpack, Buzz, Complex, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Egghead, Electroworld, Gadgets in Style, Gui, iCenter, iGig, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Power Mac Center, ROX, Switch, Technoholics, Toby’s Arena and Urban Athletics.

Urbanears is made available by Digits Trading.

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4 responses to “Urbanears Humlan Washable Headphones Unboxing and Review”

  1. fati recede ☀ (@_itsmefati) Avatar

    this is insane! Love the features! 😀 perfect to give for your techie partners! 😀

  2. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    ang kulit! they have this feature pala? <3

  3. Sam Avatar

    Is the sound quality good or normal lang?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Sound quality is average for me

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