WATCH: Inequality For All (Robert Reich Documentary)


Living in a country where the upper class comprises of only 1% and Class D/E makes up the 90% of the total population, this documentary may give you a good perspective on maybe why the Philippines is like this. Although our country’s situation is very far from the US, I know a lot of Filipinos will be able to relate to this movie.

I can only wish someone in the Philippines to do a documentary like this. I think it would be a very education piece to make the Filipinos understand what’s going on. I remember having my Japanese friends tell me know impressed they are with PNoy for making our GDP grow up to 7.8% in the first quarter of 2013. But for the people who are living in the Philippines, I’m sure you will say there’s hardly any growth going on here.

Anyway, if you have no plans this weekend, I strongly suggest for you to watch Inequality For All–an engaging documentary created by economist, Berkeley professor, and former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

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