Why you should only go to a trusted name like Ellen’s

Juli “Bun Bun” (of bunbunmakeuptips) suffered a serious allergic reaction from a facial gone wrong — and photographed it all

I’m sure you’ve heard of Juli some time last year–a Singaporean beauty blogger who came in for a simple facial treatment that ended up ruining her face and scarred her confidence for life.

As a beauty blogger, I am very picky with the brands I try–especially when it has to do my face. This is the reason why when Ellen’s Aesthetic Center invited me for a meeting last week, I didn’t hesitate to give them a visit.

Tita Ellen is very hands on with her business as she still personally visits her branches every week. Despite feeling under the weather, Tita Ellen manages to personally welcome me at her Timog branch for my pampering time. Tita Ellen’s cheeky yet warm personality will charm you away. She is a true epitome of hard work and womanly grace.

With an admirable woman like Tita Ellen, there’s no doubt that Ellen’s Aesthetic Center will last for 35 years and more. Ellen’s Aesthetic Center has built its name in providing quality facial services, catering to various personalities like beauty queens and celebrities that transcend across generations.

For that day, I was able to try their Diamond Peel Facial (Php2,000.00) which comes in three parts: the facial and mask, diamond peel, and ultrasound.

The first procedure is done with facial massages and removal of whiteheads/blackheads. After cleaning your face, the therapist will apply a mask to keep your skin prepped up for diamond peel. The diamond peel will slouch off dead skin cells to reveal a younger, fairer skin. Finally the therapist will use an ultrasound machine to tone your skin and close the pores.

Ellen’s Aesthetic Center offers other topnotch skin care services like Laser Facial Treatment, Jet Peel, Oxy-Peel Facial, RF Facial, Meso Facial, and Cavitation. They also offer whitening treatments, permanent cosmetics, and body enhancing surgical procedures.

You may visit any of Ellen’s Aesthetic Center’s 10 branches nationwide. For more information, Follow them on Twitter and LIKE their Facebook Fanpage here.

Ellen’s Aesthetic Center
#54 Timog Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City, 1100 Philippines
+632 4133375 / +632 3746665

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4 responses to “Why you should only go to a trusted name like Ellen’s”

  1. fati recede ☀ (@_itsmefati) Avatar

    Do they also offer services like warts removal? 🙂

  2. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    i saw juli’s blog post about this,, at sobra akong natakot.. i could still remember my highschool mates.. hindi naman ganun kagrabe yung mga pimples nila.. than nagpaderma sila (different derma) nung after nila magpaderma.. yung effect mapula pula yung muka.. then in a sudden yung isa sa kanila.. nagkaron ng deep scars sa pisngi.. then yung isa naman nagpatong patong yung pimples.acne.. eversince sinabi ko sa sarili ko hindi ako magpapaderma ever.. =( it was scary and very traumatic para sakin and im thankful na hindi naman masyadong acne prone ang skin ko.. ang problema ko lang kapag dumarating yung period ko.. kapag tutubuan ako mg pimple sa chin it would leave dark spot =( anu kaya yung best remedy dun?

  3. Irene Avatar

    Do they have laser removal for brown spots on

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      You can get in touch with them directly

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