20 Things I Love About TGIFridays Contest

Here’s something to make your holidays more fun.

Celebrating TGIFriday’s 20th Anniversary, Couchwasabi and TGIFriday’s is giving away ONE Jack Daniel Burger to 9 lucky readers who can give their “20 REASONS WHY I LOVE TGIFridays.”

I will be picking the best answer on December 15, 2014 9PM.

Don’t forget to leave your name and email address on the comments box, along with your 20 reasons why.

Good luck! xx

PS, check the winners after the jump!


  1. Feng Manlapaz
  2. Abegaill Villacruz
  3. Ann Cristin Granzore
  4. Rhania Chang
  5. Maria Corazon Letada
  6. Merlina Palencia
  7. Lorielyn Nocasa
  8. Glaiza Binayas
  9. Ma. Clarice Lao
  10. Geraldine Fajardo

You may claim your prize at any TGIFridays branch starting next week. Just present a valid ID. Thank you for joining and Merry Christmas!

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17 responses to “20 Things I Love About TGIFridays Contest”

  1. bumblingbitterbugs Avatar

    Why I love TGIFridays
    1 the memorabilias from movies to music
    2 laid back atmosphere
    3 good service
    4 same taste and quality of food everytime we visit
    5 old diner vibe!
    6 big servings, good for sharing
    7 perfect crunchy nachos everytime
    8 Mud Pie to die for!
    9 as american as you can get.
    10 Bottomless Mojito
    11 Allergy alert on the menu… Very considerate for the picky eater.
    12 COMBOs’ when you want the best of both worlds
    13 Three-For-All sampler platter
    14 bottomless lemonade.. Refreshing!
    15 salad is always fresh and crunchy
    16 jaw-locking yummy burgers!
    17 food is served picture perfect! Instagram yumyum!
    18 Steak! ’nuff said.
    19 great backgorund for selfies and photo ops. Hehe
    20 tagline: In here it’s always Friday!! Yippeee!


  2. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    I love TGI Fridays to the 20th power because:

    1. One dish could make a person (like me!) so full
    2. Two people can share a full slab of ribs! (like what we did before)
    3. Three for all is one of the best all-in-one appetizer I’ve ever eaten
    4. Four mini burgers aka Fridays cheeseburger sliders makes me drool over beef patties; real beef, real juiciness
    5. Fifth day of the week is Friday, which what it feels like when we eat there; ‘In here it’s always Friday.’
    6. 6 ingredients of queso fondido makes it oh so yummy.
    7. You can choose from 7 salads if you want to eat somewhat light.
    8. 8 ultimates can shake things up between you and your friends; time to shake up the party vibe!
    9. We’ve been in TGI Fridays 9 times and we’ll keep coming back. The ambiance is so perfect.
    10. With 10 desserts to choose from, you’ll surely satisfy your sweet tooth
    11. On December 11, they have a P20 promo for chicken fingers which everybody would wait for!
    12. 12 Fridays fresh shrimps served with fries is a seafood favorite of mine. 🙂
    13. Because Friday the 13th would not always be unlucky. Any Friday in TGI Fridays is a special day for food and gatherings!
    14. 14 is our anniversary day and we chose to spend one in TGIfridays! And we didn’t regret it as the staff are so accommodating and the place is so romantic; they even seated us in a place with a view of the metro.
    15. With 15 stores nationwide, you’ll surely be able to reach a TGIFridays restaurant to satisfy your cravings!
    16. From 16 food and drinks categories, you’ll surely have your favorites. You definitely won’t ask for more. 🙂
    17. 17 days before Christmas and TGI Fridays would be a perfect venue for parties or even simple lunch or dinner; good food + good place = perfect celebration
    18. March 18 is my birthday and I spent one of my birthdays in TGI Fridays! Yes, they offer party packages at a rate you can afford. 🙂
    19. Last October 19, TGIFridays bartenders showed off their skills and wowed the audiences (including me!) during the BDJ Fair 2014. That was a jaw dropping show. Best bartenders I’ve ever seen!
    20. With 20 years in the food business, they’re retaining all their good traits, plus, keeping on innovating to serve us the best food in town

    Happy 20th anniversary TGI Fridays! 😀

    Abegaill Villacruz

  3. Ann Cristin Granzore Avatar
    Ann Cristin Granzore

    What I love about TGIFridays are:
    1.Polite crew
    2.Custumer Service
    3.Awesome menu
    4.Great Ambiance
    5.Yummy Burgers
    6.Fast Service
    7.Bottomless Mojitos
    8.Back ground music
    9.Finger foods
    10. fresh salads
    11.well cooked steak
    11.delicious chickens
    12.refreshings drinks
    13.Big serving of meals
    14.The movies they play
    15.delicious and yummy desserts
    16.nachos to die for
    17.american style
    18.different set of menu good for diet people,allergic etc.
    19.great cocktails drinks
    20.Good atmospere

    email: acher13.granzore@gmail.com
    17.great background

  4. doseofrain Avatar

    20 things i ♥ about TGI FRIDAYS!
    one. i love their holiday promos! (they never run out of promos and freebies and bottomless!!!)
    two. awesome party packages! (perfect for companies and personal events)
    three. They have modern design yet retaining a similarly fun and party ambiance
    four. Hubs and I were a fan of their “Caesar Salad”
    five. My personal favorite: Friday’s Trio – Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Chicken and Nachos
    six. Hubs personal Fave: Filipino Pork Liempo
    seven. My little darling top three: spaghetti.. ice cream and fries!
    eight. They serve food with good presentation! (picture perfect!)
    nine. Classic rock to go with the food,.. very nice! (who doesn’t love music anyway)
    ten. The taste of food never changes as time passes by
    eleven. Huge servings!!! (what you see is what you get! )
    twelve. An American resto that serves Filipino dishes (like what i mention on item # six)
    thirteen. most of foods served here are my “comfort foods”
    fourteen. you can have them deliver on your door step via City Delivery, Regalo Manila, food panda, quick delivery and more! and you can even find deals via BDJ Planner, Ensogo and Lazada (limited time only)
    fifteen. peeps at TGIF is really accommodating for your special (surprise) requests!
    sixteen. they’ve got everything you wished for! (for vegetarians they have salads.. for pasta lovers they have it.. steak and beers, cocktails, they have food for everyone)
    seventeen. because of EVERYBODY’s fave dessert: MOCHA MUD PIE (they never go without it on their table)
    eighteen. the price of the food is worth of your every burp! (excuse me haha)
    nineteen. when you go here.. it feels like it is Friday everyday.
    twenty. and most of all.. happy memories with friends, relatives and colleagues!


  5. Cora Letada (@coraletada) Avatar

    Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines:

    1. A place for family and friends
    2. Tender pork & beef dishes
    3. Big servings
    4. Helpful website
    5. American vibe
    6. Healthy & fresh salads
    7. The bartenders are awesome
    8. Juicy Burgers
    9. Contemporary design of resto
    10. Relaxing ambiance
    11. Mouthwatering desserts
    12. Mojito
    13. Delectable menu all year round
    14. Fresh and unique drinks
    15. American vibe
    16. They offer kiddie package
    17. They offer the best pasta dishes
    18. Friendly staff
    19. They have a lot of branches
    20. Promos & discounts

    Maria Corazon Letada

  6. Mina Palencia (@minapalencia) Avatar

    20 Things I Love About T.G.I.Friday’s Philippines
    1. Who doesn’t love Fridays?
    2. And Mojitos.
    3. Jack Daniel’s Rib & Shrimp
    4. Great crew uniforms – “I’d like to apply!” was my first thought on seeing them. Haha
    5. Crazy good store decorations
    6. Elvis!
    7. Cajun Style Fish and Chips
    8. Caramel Cheesecake
    9. Texas Ribeye!!!
    10. Cowboy Triple Meat Burger o_0
    11. Chili Pineapple Mojito (Bicol version! Haha)
    12. Great service!
    13. Did I mention great foods and food choices?
    14. It’s a complete weekend hangout – dine, wine and relax with friends and family.
    15. French Onion Soup, let’s not forget.
    16. And they have Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad!
    17. There’s always great promos and deals!
    18. Having a party? No problem! They have great party package selections.
    19. You don’t have to go to the US to taste great American foods.
    20. Php20 chicken fingers for their 20th anniv!

    Merlina Palencia

  7. Lorie Nocasa (@iamyhienocasa) Avatar

     So tasty Garlic Chicken Primavera
     Their chicken fingers
     So tasty Garlic Chicken Primavera
     Free WIFI
     Affordable Party Food Packages
     Nice staff uniforms with pins and caps
     Delicious food
     Their famous fish Tacos
     Oh so tempting desserts
     value for money
     Jack Daniel’s Burger
     World-renowned bartenders
     Secured parking space
     Presentable and neat table setting
     Scrumptious servings
     Chicken Quesadilla
     Oreo Madness
     Accommodating staff
     Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
     Clean restroom

    Lorielyn Nocasa

  8. Glaiza Binayas Avatar

    1. Very Good service
    2. I love that I can wait not too long for my food to be served.
    3. They have the best desserts!!!
    4. You know that your money is worth it when dining at TGIF.
    5. The presentation of their food is beautiful. It matters, you know.
    6. And the ambiance is great!
    7. TGIF is for friends and families who wants to feast on good food!
    8. Servings are generous.
    9. I love that they have Ballpark Nachos.
    10. I love that their Buffalo Wings’ spiciness isn’t too over powering.
    11. I love that they serve different dips.
    12. Their sandwich always has heaping of fillings!
    13. Juicy patties!
    14. I love that they have a branch at MOA!
    15. The mini-dessert they give when it’s your birthday is a plus!
    16. TGIF promises a great time while having good food.
    17. A go-to place for a hassle-free party.
    18. Low party package rate.
    19. freebies and promos.
    20. FREE WIFI! 😀

    Glaiza S. Binayas

  9. maclaricezlao Avatar

    20 Things I love about Fridays.

    I – Incredibly fun ambiance

    S – Superb quality of food
    O – Outstanding customer service

    L – Location is at its best, we have one 5 minutes away from home.
    O – Oreo Madness
    V – Very wide array of choices.
    E – Everyday feels like Friday!

    Y – Yolo so best spend it at TGIF!
    O – Onion Rings
    U – Unlimited mojitos

    T – Three for All Sampler Platter
    G – Good for sharing servings
    I – Iced cold drinks
    F – Freshest greens available.
    R – Really fun bartending
    I – Instant discount with BDJ Coupon
    D – Date nights in TGIF
    A – Amazing experience
    Y – Your promotions
    S – Starwars designs.

    Ma. Clarice Lao

  10. geraldine fajardo Avatar
    geraldine fajardo

    TGIFriday’s Philippines Happy 20th Anniversary!
    20 things I like about them:
    1. Jack Daniel’s Rib & Shrimp
    2. relaxed ambience
    3. Cajun Style Fish and Chips
    4. Friendly crew (staffs)
    5. Free WIFI
    6. comfortable seats
    7. Chicken fingers! (grew up with these!)
    10. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    11. Chicken Quesadilla
    12. Garlic Chicken Primavera
    13. Kiddie packages
    14. Ibuffalo bites
    15. Jack Daniels Burger
    16. I love their promos and discounts. (ehem P20 chicken
    fingers on the 11th
    17. Friday’s mozarella!
    18. Blue cheese dip
    19. Mojito
    20. Burgers!
    Geraldine fajardo

  11. jeffrey siy Avatar


    1. High energy restaurant
    2. Staff knows the menu by heart
    3. Desserts to die for
    4. Can be a party place or date venue
    5. Love looking at the interior
    6. Bday songs are always an Attention grabber
    7. Loyalty card has so much to give
    8. Clean restroom
    9. English speaking waiters
    10. Charming waiters and waitresses
    11. They always say hello and goodbye
    12. Complaints are handled with ease
    13. Entertainment all around
    14. Awesome cocktails
    15. Big servings
    16. Food is always fresh
    17. Always in central Locations
    18. Accommodating to kids
    19. Free fast wifi
    20. Best of all, Always have new exciting promos like this one

  12. Joy Merced Avatar

    Tgi fridays
    1. Crispy Chicken fingers
    2.Chipotle Yucatan Chicken salad
    3. Allergen Menu
    4. House salad
    5. Jack Daniel burger
    6. Sampler platters
    7. Tostado nachos
    8. Baby back ribs
    9. California club
    11. Strawberry lemon crush
    12. French fries
    13. Buffalo wings
    14. Shrimp
    15. Potato skins
    16. Mashed potatoes
    17. Cheddar mac and cheese
    18. Bottomless lemonade
    19. Grilled lobster tail
    20. Brocolli cheese soup

    Need i say more? my 20 reasons for a TGI Fridays

    1. Joy Merced Avatar

      ooops i forgot my name: lovely joy merced / bundlesofjoy@rocketmail.com

  13. Pau Avatar

    20 reasons why I love TGIFridays! 🙂

    T alented bartenders (TGIF have absolutely the hottest bartenders in town!)
    G reat Ambiance (The place can immediately transport me to a different world.)
    I nteresting updates and newsletters (They keep me updated with their new meals!)
    F amily-oriented place (Perfect hang-out for bonding and family gatherings.)

    G igantic Servings (One dish and you’ll definitely drool!)
    C onvenient location (Good thing they have Trinoma branch which is very near to us!)

    P rompt and friendly staffs (Warmest welcome is greeted with a smile!)
    L ots of surprises (Following their twitter, instagram and Facebook account is awesome!)
    S tunning drinks (Mojito to Vodka, you’ll never stop until you taste all of their drinks!)

    C lean comfort room (Complete bathroom essentials!)
    O nline promos (The give-away and contests are easy but the prizes are fantastic!)
    U nlimited Wifi-connection (It is free and very accesible!)
    C ool website (Very informative and pleasing to the eyes!)
    H eavenly meals and combos (Delectable foods that you can’t resist!)

    W ide selection of dishes (You’ll never get tired of going back because of the food choices.)
    A ffordable Prices (You can count on that every money of yours is worth it!)
    S oothing music (I love their playlist!)
    A ttractive menu (For a minute or two, all I did was stare at their menu.
    B ig servings (Satisfied tummy? Check!)
    I ncredible Chicken Fingers (One taste and I think I went to heaven already!)

    Paula Romana Alagao

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Hope to win for my upcoming birthday! 🙂

  14. doseofrain Avatar

    yay thank you Ms jirbie!!!

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