Banila Co launches in Manila

Just when I thought we already have too many cosmetics brand in the Philippines, Manila welcomed yet another Korean cosmetics brand, Banila Co., in its shores. Yay!

Banila Co launched yesterday in Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas. The ballroom was set up in the most kikay (girly) fashion. Here’s myself and my-blogger-friend-slash-interior-designer Erika posing for the camera:

Since both of us got to the event quite early, we had time to go around the makeup booth and talk to the makeup artists.

Banila Co is the most multi awarded Korean cosmetics brand in the field of base makeup.  Its products help women achieve the popular Korean “Lit from Within” look. Banila Co.’s primers, foundations, gel eyeliners, CC creams, make up cleansers, and the like have been lauded by the most prestigious beauty arbiters in the industry for its prestige quality, creative packaging, and disruptive innovation

Basically the brand has 3 collections inspired by 3 different areas in Seoul: Bukchon (Gorgeous), Hongdae (Funky) and Garosu (Feminine)–wherein each place has a strikingly different persona.

Clearly, I didn’t know where to fit myself kase wala namang pa-tweetums sa choices. lel. Anyways, here are some of the products showcased during the launch:

Here’s a poster teaching you how to get that gradient lip look:

Of course, any makeup launch is never complete without an actual makeup demo.

At first glance,  you may think that Banila Co is just another cutesy Korean makeup brand offering almost the same looking product portfolio compared with other Korean brands in the Philippines.

While Banila Co carries staple Korean makeup offerings like cutesy lip balms and lipsticks, eyeshadows and a wide range of eyeliners, Banila Co has some makeup innovations of their own… just like this:

It’s a cool new cushion-type brow kit.

Although we’re already familiar with cushion compacts, I noticed that Banila Co’s cushion foundation is not like your usual first generation cushion foundation wherein there’s a sponge that would dispense the product.

The newer cushion foundations use perforated plastic or metal components to dispense the product. So if you are one of those who are skeptical on the sponge of the first-gen cushion compacts and on the issue of it being unhygienic (or, you know, the sponge might actually harbor bacteria in the long run), here’s Banila Co’s innovation to your bacteria woes.

Get your Banila Co fix from their store in Glorietta 4. It will soon open its doors in Robinson’s Place Manila and other prime malls in Metro Manila and key provinces. For further information, please visit and follow its Instagram at @banilacoph and Facebook at

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  1. So glad they have opened a branch here in Manila. And it’s in Glorietta 4. I can pass by whenever I want to. Would love to visit the shop soon. 😀 I love Korean makeup. Aside from being cute, they’re of good quality. 🙂

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